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"Take care of your looks. Go to the gym, work out. If you're balding, shave your head. Balding is different from bald. Bald is cool, balding is not" - Mystery from The Game

"Y'know what? This is what I go by: It doesn't matter how good-looking a guy is, it just depends on his personality. If a guy can make you laugh and make fun of you, then that's what would win me over. So, yeah." - Rachel Bilson

"An ugly man stumbled upon a lamp. He rubbed the lamp with his arms and then, a genie appeared."
Genie: I am the genie of this lamp. Being the holder of this lamp, I will grant you one wish. Tell me what your wish is, and I will gladly grant your wish.
Ugly Man: I wish you would make me very, very handsome, sexy and super attractive physically!!!!
Genie: Okay, rub the lamp again.
Ugly Man: After I do this, will I become very, very handsome, sexy and super attractive physically?
Genie: No, rub the lamp again so I can go back inside!!!!

Ah... the age old question that has been bothering each and everyone of us ever since the beginning of time. We have seen guys who are a handsome and good-looking with beautiful and pretty girlfriends. We have also seen some good-looking guys who can't seem to get a girlfriend at all no matter how hard he tries. There are many ugly, physically unattractive guys who have plenty of beautiful girlfriends; while we have also witnessed lots of ugly guys who can't seem to get a girlfriend no matter what he does, and will always blame his looks as the reason on why he can't get the girl he wants.

Ordinary guys usually have this pre-conception that looks are the only thing that matters when it comes to seduction. On the other hand, guys who get into the seduction community usually have this perception that looks don't matter at all when it comes to seduction - this usually stems from the sweet talks that pick up gurus tell the pick up guys so that guys who are unfortunate in the physical department will have a false hope that they are on the same playing fields as the guys who are good-looking. Both types of people raise valid points of argument, but we all know, deep in our hearts, that both perceptions are wrong.

One thing is certain, looks certainly play a vital role in our confidence levels, and thus, is closely linked with our perception on this dance called courtship and seduction. To my mind, no other factor had been emphasized in hooking up with the opposite sex, than that which is associated to LOOKS.

So to answer the question - "Does looks matter?" The answer to that question had always been simple: Looks matter, but it's not all that matters. No doubt about it. Well it matters. At least we have to reach a certain level of “sexual fitness” in order for us to have an opportunity to hook up with opposite sex.

The good news about this is, all of us can reach the “minimum level of sexual fitness” required in order for us to hop on to the dating pool. While there are a lot of things about our looks that we can’t change because of our genetic make-up, like the size of our head, symmetry of our face, the length of our arms, the length of our legs, the distance from our right eye to the left eye, the color of our eyes, the color of our lips, the growth of our hairs, etc; there are a lot more things about our looks that we can control, like our weight, our wardrobe. hairstyle, physical fitness, hygiene, cleanliness, nails, etc. These are things that we can fix in order for us to “look good” no matter how “good-looking” or “bad-looking” we are. That’s why, looking good is more important than being “good-looking”. And incidentally, those part of our looks that are within our control, have greater weight against those uncontrollable factors as regards how women view our physical attractiveness.

Not everybody is good-looking, but anybody can look good...

Having said that, the only thing we can do as regards our looks is to raise our sexual fitness. We can do that by improving on that part of looks that are within our control. That is, we should practice good oral hygiene, do physical exercises (better yet, engage in sports, or in body building programs, or just plain keep moving!), take care of our fashion, our wardrobe, attire, have better posture and body language. We can do a lot to accentuate our most desirable features, and minimize our least desirable features. If you want to be more extreme and have the financial means, you can even undergo a facial surgery or some other operation to alter your physical appearance. The bottom line is... take control of your sexual fitness man!

Just to emphasize the point, take a look at the picture above. Yeah, that's right. That's Britney Spears, the female pop superstar who used to dominate the music industry around a decade ago. The photo on the left side shows Britney's physical appearance when she doesn't take care of her sexual fitness. Compare that to her photo on the right side where she took special care of her sexual fitness. Quite a huge difference might I add.

Just look at these guys from the reality show "The Biggest Loser". Look how much these 2 increased their level of sexual fitness just by working out and taking good care of their body. The difference is easily discernable. Not that I'm saying that their previous selves aren't attractive, but that, they were able to increase their level of attractiveness just by having a more fit body. I'm telling you this, you're not gonna be doing this for the opposite sex; I suggest you do this for yourself! Not only will you be more attractive, but you will be healthier and live a more energetic lifestyle!

Since beefing up for his role as a wolf in Twilight as Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner more than doubled his fan base and increased his level of sexual fitness. Looks do matter, but the factors that really matter, are those things within your control.

A similar thing happened to Rain, who had to beef up and get more muscular in his role as a extremely skillful and athletic ninja assassin in the movie "Ninja Assassin". Rain definitely looked better over the past couple of months. That's what taking care of your sexual fitness can do to you.

Forgetting to take care of your looks would do a lot to your sexual fitness, and ultimately, your attraction aura. Look what happened to Jessica Simpson when she forgot to take care of her looks. At least she still looks good in the right, as she still had decent fasion sense. She didn't look very terrible considering the increase in her weight.

Most of the photos I showed you usually have reference to one aspect of looks: your weight. There are other factors as well, like your fashion. Here's an example of how having a better fashion sense could help you with looking better:

Of course, the classic example can be found in the very first photo of this article. It shows Neil Strauss before he entered the seduction community, and his new persona Style, after he took care of his looks and sexual fitness. Big big difference in fashion, hairstyle, skin complexion and body built.

In conclusion, looks don't matter as much as most people have been led to believe, but it still matters to an extent. And improving your looks would certainly benefit you in the short and long run. In fact, if a newbie would ask me for advice on how to increase their sexual attractiveness immediately, I'd tell him to take care of his looks first - go to the gym, work out, take up a sport, have a better fashion sense, have better body posture and body language; because looking good is different from being good-looking. Plus, your confidence levels would increase phenomenally than before just by changing and enhancing how you look alone.


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