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"It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you never stop" - Confucius

"Respect the Process" - Robert Greene, from the book 50th Law

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." - Greg Anderson

A lot of people mistake the delivery of the pick-up line as the whole approach itself. They think if they deliver the magic pick-up line or magic opener, then "Boom! She's done!" The result is, they spend a lot of time just thinking about the opener, what to say, and also how to say it... and it is exactly this type of thinking that leads exactly to "analysis paralysis."

The better mindset to have is that, the approach is a process. It does not just consist of the opener. There are a lot of factors in the process of approaching, and even if you fail in one step, you can still turn it around in the next step.

The same holds true for seduction and closing. Many people think of closing as a single act, move or maybe even routine that would definitely transform your relationship with her from friends, to lovers. The effect is, if that "single act" does not get you the result you want, then you immediately give up and surrender, thinking that you have failed when in fact, you have not. It could be that you already went one step closer to your goal of seducing her, and you might not have even realized it! And all because you were looking for the instant result.

Closing is a process. There's not one magic line that you can say or move that you can execute that instantly results in *BOOM! I GOT HER NOW!*.

More often than not, closing requires a series of acts that would take you closer to your goal of getting the girl you want.

Patience is a Virtue

In the game of seduction and courtship, patience is definitely a virtue. There is no room for impatient people here. Anyone who wants to play the game at a high level should learn that patience is required here, and it is that process which actually makes the game of seduction all that fun.

The reason why most guys aren't good at this game of seduction, while women are usually better at it, is because men want instant results. They want to get what they're asking for immediately, without going through the process. They just want to have "pussy" without going through all the "hoola hoola" that comes with the process of getting it. They want it easy, and they want it fast. 

They view the "game" as difficult. They just want to get it over with. They don't want to spend no time trying to win a woman over... because what if he fails? What if he does not succeed?! He thinks that if he fails, all his efforts go to waste, and time was just wasted.

That's just exactly the kind of thinking that would get you nowhere. Everybody knows that nobody gets what he wants all the time. Everybody knows that from each failure, there's a lesson to be learned, which would make you better and thus propel you to succeed the next time around. Everybody knows that the process will always be there.

If you're willing to subject yourself to the process, and not just think of the outcome all the time, you'll find that the game is not that difficult. It doesn't matter whether you fail or succeed, as long as you went through the process, consider yourself a victor. As long as you played the game, you are a already a winner, and soon enough, I guarantee that as long as you keep playing the game, you will get the result you want.

It is just a game, after all. When you play the game, the joy is not in the ending, but in the gameplay itself. The ending is just the by-product of the process you've gone through, and that process is playing the game, enjoying it, and loving it.

So don't worry, if you become very good at the process of playing the game, everything becomes easier overtime, and you can finish the game faster. So don't think about finishing the game, just focus on going through the process (and enjoying it especially!), and everything else will automatically follow.


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