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All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible. 

-T.E. Lawrence

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Ok, if you're still hesitant, it's time to be ruthless.

I'm not the type to organize and conduct an event unless it is HIGHLY RELEVANT. We've done more than a hundred Bootcamps - private, exclusive training and personalized coaching - with over 200++ clients, conducted more than 20 different seminars with more than 1,000++ enrollees, and an infinite number of consultations with countless people from all over the country OVER A SPAN OF SEVEN (7) YEARS – you can just imagine the number of hours spent on that – and almost all of them have some of these things in common:

  • they know way more seduction theory and principles than the average person
  • they have approached way more women than the average person
  • they're way more intelligent and potentially smarter than half of the population
  • their jobs and titles are way more prestigious or better than half of the population
  • more often than not, they're doing well in their careers

Make no mistake about it – most of these guys succeed with some women on occasion. But... and this is a big BUT... they're not fulfilled or even satisfied with their dating lives… and their dating options/choices are LIMITED.

More so for these group of individuals who are so-called “Pick-Up Artists” or “PUA’s”. They have read a ton of books on the topic, watched a million pick-up videos and seminars on youtube, visited an unlimited number of date coaching and pick-up artists websites and even spent thousands of pesos (hundreds of dollars) on countless PUA Bootcamps and Seminars. Yet they end up weirder than usual, without a solid and stable group of friends (aside from their PUA friends who are probably in the same situation as them) and they spend a humongous amount of time practicing their “sarging” skills by approaching countless stranger-women.

Some PUA’s who become at least mildly successful, who get to approach and interact well with stranger-women and even end up in bed with them are STILL APPROACHING SEVERAL YEARS LATER. Not that it’s bad, but when COLD APPROACHING is the only way you get to know women, then you are in serious trouble. That is because everybody knows that COLD APPROACHING should only be done primarily at the FIRST STAGE OF YOUR SOCIAL LIFE. If you’re still doing that, YOU’RE TECHNICALLY A SOCIAL INFANT. Thus, IF YOU’RE NOT BEING INTRODUCED BY FRIENDS TO THEIR FRIENDS (expansion of social life through social circle), then that only means one thing – ALL YOUR PREVIOUS SUCCESSFUL APPROACHES ARE FLUKES. Bottom line: If you’re not being introduced to friends of people you meet – whether they be men or women – that either means they’re ashamed of you (coz you might be weird or something) or YOU’RE NOT JUST COOL ENOUGH.

If you live by the cold approach, you die by the cold approach… and that’s a terrible way of leaving a legacy PERIOD.

These are the same guys who don’t know how to maintain a relationship, sucks in relationships, don’t know what true friendship/brotherhood is like, don’t know how to create real connections and are incapable of maintaining a naturally attractive lifestyle.

I’ve met a PUA who had spent 4 years actively practicing pick-up arts and still, he’s at stage one!!! That’s FOUR FREAKING YEARS of pretending to something at the mall just to approach women, pretending to be cool at the clubs and throwing more than a hundred “scripted” pick-up lines. What are you? A Social Robot?!

No more pretensions, no more freaking being weird trying to look cool and making stupid approaches. Time to really understand The Game.

Finally, I just recently bumped into a PUA who had been mildly successful in the seduction department, having made out with a few women since he learned it and even getting to bed with some of these women – from stranger to bedmates. Yet, even in the seduction community (YES, there is a Philippine pick-up community, not that I’m proud of it, I’m just stating a fact), he has VIRGIN-LEVEL REPUTATION, ZERO CREDIBILITY and just generally UNCOOL.



Add to that the countless number of women who swear they will never introduce their PUA friends to their true friends. In fact, I know of most PUA’s who will never introduce their own PUA friends to their family and friends.

Fake, Beta and Pretentious – Not Cool and Not Socially Relevant.

Granted, not all PUA’s are like that, but I can tell you, MORE THAN HALF OF THEM ARE. That’s not how a PUA is supposed to be, and that is the reason this USC was created. Let’s change that. We can’t do that overnight, but like Confucius said:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Those are just some of the issues that will be addressed in the USC this coming July 27, 2013. I could cite more of these issues, but it will take up a lot of space and more of your time that you might not work anymore. I’ll just recommend you participate in the USC and contribute your piece.

Anyway, to set you in perspective, here's a review made by a Masterclass Alumni on a Club Game Masterclass we conducted more than a year ago:

And to think, we're 10x better than what we were last year...

P.S. Yes I said there is only 1 slot left but I’m opening up some slots and the first THREE (3) people to respond to this article and enroll in the USC will get accommodated. Hurry! Click on this LINK to register!

Best Regards,


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What We Can Learn from LeBron James and the Miami Heat Email

That’s why you play the game to the zero.” – LeBron James, 4-time NBA MVP, 2-time NBA Finals MVP, 2-time NBA Champion, celebrity endorser and mega-superstar athlete.

Every strike brings me closer to my next homerun” – Babe Ruth, legendary baseball player.

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit” – Vince Lombardi Jr.

Yeah, LeBron James. The NBA Regular Season MVP, Finals MVP and finally, 2-time champion. The 2013 NBA Finals have already ended, yet a lot of people are still not over the fact that the Miami Heat won against the San Antonio Spurs during the championship series. As most of you are probably aware of, Game 6 was the most crucial game of the series. It is perhaps, the most epic Game 6 in the history of sports.

To tell you about it, during this game, the Spurs, 1 victory away from winning the championship, were leading by 5 points with under 30 seconds left in the final quarter when the Miami Heat’s LeBron James made a 3-point shot at the 28-second mark. The Spurs were fouled and they made one free-throw, making it a 3-point game with 19.4 seconds to go... then this happened:

The game eventually went to overtime which the Heat went on to win it by 3 points. Eventually, the Heat won Game 7 to win the championship.

Nobody thought the Heat would still win, being down by 5 with less than 30 seconds to go. In fact, a lot of the fans were already leaving and the yellow rope was already brought out by security to prepare for the ensuing championship celebration by the Spurs after they win this game. But the Heat had other thoughts.

Anyway, I’m no basketball expert. I’m not here to write an expert analysis of how the Miami Heat were able to beat the San Antonio Spurs. As lead date and lifestyle coach of X Arts, I’d like to relate this to approaching women and dating success.

Persistence and Perseverance

One thing we could all learn from LeBron James and the Miami Heat is the quality of persistence and perseverance. They persevered and never surrendered even though 90% of basketball teams in the NBA would have under the same circumstances. And now you know why only 10% of people in general are successful. The game ain’t over until the clock hit ZERO.

In social interactions, especially in approaches (for you approach freaks out there), there is one thing you should expect – you don’t get what you want on the first attempt 90% of the time. Like in approaching for instance, most people give up when the girl rejects their attempts at initiating conversation or introducing themselves. Had they waited a few seconds more, they might be having a good interaction.

To give you a concrete example, this is what happened to us during one of our Bootcamps. We, my client whom we’ll call “G” and I, were outside a mall in The Fort area and we approached two women while they’re walking. We stopped them, and then this conversation ensued:

  • G: Hello. I just want to ask a couple of questions, you see my sister’s birthday is coming up and I was wondering what the best gift to give to her and would like to have you opini….
  • Me: (this is bullshit. We don’t need to go indirect on these “pa-tweetums” girls) Stop that bullshit man. Be honest. Tell them you want to introduce yourself and get her name and number.

G, not being aware of the change in plan, was appalled and didn’t know what to say next. I changed the plan midway because I noticed these 2 girls are cool and that going indirectly with them (which was the original plan) would not be the optimal option. And yeah, because I’m just tired and wanted to go directly for the jugular. That’s calibration for you right there, adjusting the game plan in the middle of the game to adapt to the situation for the most optimal result.

In the meantime, the 2 girls smiled, looked at each other and then laughed, then turned their backs on us, then walked away. Okay, at this point, most guys would consider that as a rejection… that we made a mistake in changing our game plan by going direct. But to me, I considered that part of the game so I ran up to them, went in front of them, and the 2nd half of the interaction occurred:

  • Me: Excuse me, why are you so rude? You just turned your backs on us without informing us that you were leaving. (I said this in a light, smiling way)
  • Girl 1: Sorry about that. I just thought you were going to recruit us in a MLM or something.
  • Girl 2: Yeah sorry about that.

I was wearing a long-sleeve polo, three-fourths and untucked with necktie that time. And I had my eyeglasses on. Yes, I was that good, that I can be mistaken for a professional salesmen whenever I approach people. Yeah, other sales agents could learn a thing or two from us...

So after assuring them we’re not here to recruit them to anything, we had a good interaction, my guy G spun the other girl and flirted with the 2 of them. G was able to get their names and numbers (after some resistance since they both have boyfriends) and then we left to continue the Bootcamp. Oh, this is just one example out of a million that we had where the girl rejected us and we just got them to warm up to us eventually.

Most people give up too easily, and when they do, they’ll tell their friends that they got blown out of the set or the interaction. The truth is, the women did not blow you out of the interaction, you did. Think about it.

The bottom line is, don’t expect the girl to warm up to you immediately and just say yes on the first few minutes of the interaction. Don’t forget, you are a stranger to her, of course she won’t be all over you instantly, unless you’re talking about easy that is.

Same goes for escalation instances... Never give up. My rule is, better for the woman to be explicit with her rejection than just impliedly. Persevere and keep on plowing until she says no. As one popular pick-up artist once said “Make the Hoe Say No”.

By the way, X Arts is having an event on July 27. It's our annual USC (Ultimate Seduction Class). The topic this time is "How to be the Ultimate Pick-Up Artist in Just 3 Weeks". Click on this LINK to know more. Deadline of Reservation is on July 5 so make your reservations early by immediately contacting us!

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Phil. - China Dispute... and Its Relation to Seduction Email


“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”
- Denis Waitley,
American Motivational Speaker and Author of Self-help Books.


"He who wants peace must prepare for war."
Claudius [Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus] (10 BC-54 AD)
4th Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty


“Amidst the Turmoil of Events,
Do Not Lose your Presence of Mind: Counter-Balance Strategy”
– Robert Greene, from his book The 33 Strategies of War, Strategy # 3

       I hate bullies. My decision to become a lawyer was influenced by the fact that lawyers can’t be bullied, and may even bully bullies. On the other hand, my decision to become a professional attraction expert/date coach was influenced by the opportunity to learn how to deal with anyone  including bullies.

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Hail To The Queen: An Ai-Ai delas Alas Commentary Email





"A battered wife is a married woman until she gets a divorce. Or until she kills the bastard."

-          John Grisham







 photo courtesy of pinoyfavs.blogspot.com



We don’t usually post negative topics here at X Arts but since one of our core objectives is helping men find satisfying relationships, it’s just natural that we put some thoughts about this issue. We are not moralists. With all the articles about how to get women, you guys should know by now that we aren’t your beacons of morals. But hey, we have a social responsibility to fulfill! So rather than being formal about it, let us present this commentary via free-writing. There are leagues and groups of women giving their all-out support to Ms. Ai-Ai delas Alas. Here’s one from an all-guy (almost) community.


SINfully yours,





Kamakailan lang nung napanood ko yung issue tungkol sa’yo Ms. Ai-Ai delas Alas. Nagets ko lang na may away kayo ng newly husband mo at ngayo’y hinihiwalayan na. Sa totoo lang kasi, hindi kami masyadong concerned sa mga façade ng mga artista at sa industriyang ginagalawan ninyo. Pero nakakagulat ang konteksto ng interview.


Some people say it’s your fault you entered a relationship with a guy days after you met him, and actually married Jed Salang after a year. They also say you should’ve left him the first time he beat you. Some people also think you don’t deserve to be happy because of your physical looks, or because of your age. Dapat sigurong lumangoy sa dagat-dagatang apoy ang mga taong ‘to.


Sa mga Batang 80’s at 90’s, inidolo namin ang mga pagpapatawa mo. Hanggang dumating ang “Ang Tanging Ina” movie series, naroon pa rin kaming humahalakhak lalo na’t may donut at coke na dala sa sinehan o maging sa dvd na tig-trenta pesos. One way or another, we laughed because you’re a genius at what you do.


Ngunit ngayo’y umiiyak ka. And not a single thing is funny about it.


Sa totoo lang, sa YouTube ko na lamang napanood yung interview mo. Noong una, akala ko’y pareho kayo ni friendship Kris Aquino ng drama. Pero actually hindi, at marahil hindi na ako magbibigay ng komento tungkol sa kamag-anak ni Bam Aquino.


Kahit bali-baliktarin natin ang mga pangyayari, walang sinumang babae ang marapat na kaladkarin sa sahig matapos itapon na parang basura sa kama. Walang sinumang babae ang deserved na mapakasalan dahil lamang sa pera niya. Walang sinumang babae ang dapat manakawan ng integridad. Walang sinumang babae ang dapat na manakawan ng pagkababae.


Jed Salang… Hindi ko nga alam kung ano dapat itawag sa soon-to-be ex husband mong ubod ng pogi. Gusto ko siyang tawaging “kalbo masamang tao” pero marami akong mga kaibigang Vin Diesel-inspired. Gusto ko rin siyang tawaging “hayop” pero may cute na cute akong aso. Gusto ko siyang tawaging demonyo, pero baka magalit pa si Satanas sa akin. Tawagin na lang natin siyan JED SALANG. Walang kwenta, JED SALANG. Sugarol, JED SALANG. Huthutero, JED SALANG. Sadista, JED SALANG. Wife-beater, JED SALANG. Bitch, JED SALANG. 


Nakuha pa niyang magalit noong di ka pumayag na mag Casino Hotel kayo to celebrate your monthsary? Balita ko that was the same week or day na binigyan mo ang CLASS A-hole na ‘to ng hinihingi niyang kotse. Lakas makapag DIVA ni JED SALANG. Daig pa kaibigan kong bading na sumasali sa mga barangay contest na nagrereklamo pag natalo.


Sa mga magsasabing bading si JED SALANG. Itigil niyo ang pag-insulto sa mga bakla. Mangilan-ngilan ang mga kakilala kong baklang takot. Karamihan sa mga kaibigan kong bading ay ia-uppercut ka pag sinubukan mong magpaka macho.


At hindi ka-macho-han ang physical abuse. Sa laki niyang yun, manununtok o mananampal siya? Wow ha. Ano ‘to BDSM? Fifty Shades of Grey?


JED SALANG is the definition of a COWARD. Kaduwagan ang pumatol sa babae. Bakit hindi kaya niya subukan sa mga lalake dito sa grupo namin ang pananakit niya? We’ll layeth the smacketh down on your candy ass, if you smell what The Rock is Cookin’?!


Pero maging sapakin at bugbugin ang mga JED SALANG ay hindi sapat para maiganti ang mga katulad ni Ai-Ai na ang tanging hinangad lamang ay ang kanyang sariling fairy tale. All we can give JED SALANG is our pity that he refused to be loved by a Queen. In a world surrounded by money, pathetic affairs, and greed, true affection is rare. It’s a commodity not everyone can afford, and frankly, not everyone deserves. And you failed to take advantage of that exceptional opportunity.


Sabi nila, ang mga ina raw ang ilaw ng tahanan. Ngunit saan maghahanap ng liwanag ang mga babaeng katulad niya kung intensiyunal ang kadilimang nakapalibot sa kanya? Sa bawat talas ng mura at sa bawat hampas ng sampal, unti-unting pinapatay ang pagkababae mo.


Hindi kailanman magiging tama ang pagyurak ng dignidad at paghubo sa pagkatao ng isang babae.


They call it domestic violence. For me, that is a very soft term for abuse against women. Why don’t we call it domestic terrorism? Why don’t we call it homicide? Why don’t we call it murder?


To all the mothers, sisters, and daughters who suffered and who still suffer this archaic exploitation, it is understandable that you are afraid, that you are in pain, and that you lost your trust. People may blame you for what you have not done to prevent this abuse from happening, but never should you blame yourselves for the evil act inflicted upon you by these horrible men. It was never, nor will it ever be, your fault that you are a woman.


Hindi kasalanan ang pagiging babae, hindi kahinaan ang pagiging babae.


To Ai-Ai, love will find its way. Maybe not now, but certainly, someday. And you should be steadfast in facing this divorce. Besides, you’ve already been to hell, what else could you not overcome? And yes, baby, you are beautiful.


To Jed SALANG, well, we don’t really have any more words for you. But here’s a trivia. Did you know that 90% of communication is non-verbal? So that means body language and gesture account for most of the meaning of an interaction. So what am I trying to say? Here’s my middle finger. Have an interaction with it.


Yours truly,

X Arts





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Attitude of a Champion: The Problem with the word “Problem” Email



"Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition - such as lifting weights - we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.”

– Stephen Covey, author of the best-selling and highly-regarded book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.” -  General George S. Patton, American General in World War I and II, 1885-1945

Yes, you can find lots of quotes, sayings and advice on how to treat problems – as opportunities for success or as necessary obstacles to overcome in order to achieve your goals. It is no secret that problem avoidance is usually shunned and discouraged in most self-improvement courses, books and even TV shows.

Yes… you may read all the self-improvement books you want, enroll in every motivational seminar you can or listen to all advice coming from life coaches until you drop to sleep (after which you wake up and then continue listening) but until you change your semantics, language and choice of words; you’ll change back into your default self – not treating problems as opportunities and worse, avoiding them at all possible cost.

The Mindshift

And so, I propose a solution to end all problems about how to treat problems… STOP USING THE WORD “PROBLEM”… in fact, you should eliminate the word “problem” from your personal dictionary; in the alternative, every time you have a “problem”, YOU SHOULD NEVER CALL IT A “PROBLEM” BUT INSTEAD CALL IT A “CHALLENGE”.

“Challenge” vs. “Problem”


Using the word Problem

Using the word Challenge

Line of thinking

People think and talk about problems – the undesirable situation.

Challenges are accepted and how to overcome them are thought of and talked about.


People react negatively initially by first ranting on how “big” their problem is and how fucked up the situation is

People react positively immediately by looking for ways to overcome the challenge that was accepted.

Focus of thinking

People usually think about the undesirable situations that have arisen because of the “problem”. Many would even usually rant about how unlucky they are because of the “problem”.

Simply put, the focus is on the undesirable situation (the “problem”).

By using the word “challenge”, people focus their thinking on transforming or improving the current situation into a favourable one.

Simply put, the focus is immediately on the solution.


Negative anchor – if you have problems, it means you’re on your way “down”.

Positive Anchor – if you have challenges, you are on your way “up”.

Type of People

Losers have problems.

Champions have “challenges” or for others, “challengers”.




You don’t even have to read self-improvement books, take courses or listen to countless and numerous advice about how to treat problems… ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SUBSTITUTE THE WORD “CHALLENGE” FOR THE WORD “PROBLEM”.That’s one simple change, but has the same effect as all those self-improvement, motivational classes and books that focus on overcoming problems.


  • Instead of saying "I have a problem...", say "I have a challenge".
  • Instead of say "The problem with this situation is...", say "The challenge in this situation is...".
  • Instead of saying "The problem with my family is...", say "The challenge with my family is...".
  • Or instead of saying "My problem at work is...", say "My challenge at work is" 

Champion Mindset

That’s how champions think. They don’t think about problems… they take on all challenges! Champions have challenges while losers have problems. Whose side do you want to be on – are you a champion or are you a loser?

For the last time, I repeat – instead of using the word “problem”, use the word “challenge” instead. Never use the word “problem” ever. There’s a big “problem” about that word.

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