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"All grown-ups were once small, though few remember it" - Anonymous

"I might not be tall, but you will always look up to me" - Ryu

In seduction, the thing that matters most is, your attitude. It overshadows value, lifestyle, and your skillset. In fact, your skillset emanates from your attitude automatically if you got the right attitude down. It is the size of your heart that matters, not really the size of your... errr... body.

However, let's admit it, height is also a factor in seduction. It's obvious to anybody that a taller man would do better than a shorter man, when it comes to seduction, in general. In fact, studies say that taller men do better with ladies than the average men. And yeah, people generally associate height with good health. Furthermore, the ladies would feel more secure if you are taller, since it indicates you're in a better position to protect them; and we all know that physical security is a factor with the ladies when it comes to choosing their mate.

So let's dwell on this topic - how to grow taller.

By the way, I'm not a tall person. I'm just 5'9". I can't say I'm the authority on this topic. But this I do know, I was 5'0" tall entering the fourth year of high school. That's short for a guy for that age (16), especially considering that my younger sister was even taller than me by 3 inches during that time, and she's younger by 2 years!

short_man_with_tall_womanHowever, my dad bought me a book on "How to Grow Taller", which I followed religiously to the letter. At the time I've graduated high school (within a course of 1 year), I've grown from 5'0" to 5'7"! I've surpassed most guys in height in my school. 

In fact, they started asking me what I did, and I showed them the book "How to Grow Taller". The book circulated around our school, and now, I don't know who has it, that's why I wasn't able to recover the book. But I still know what I did in order to grow tall, and I've outlined them below.

How to Grow Taller

Okay, the natural growth of the person, actually ends at 22 years of age. But the tips here can be followed, and you can still grow by about 1 to 2 inches, even if you're beyond the age of 22, just because these exercises involve straightening up your spine, and making your posture better.

These tips and tactics could will be categorized into 6:

a.) Exercises
b.) Posture
c.) Diet
d.) Fashion
e.) Do's
f.) Don'ts


This is simple. Just do all exercises that have relation to stretching. You can find them anywhere. It's especially important to stretch the back, and the legs. The vital thing here is that all the exercises you do should stretch and target all the parts of your body.

Actually, the book I've read had a list of exercises (around 20), but I'm too lazy to memorize them, so I just did all of them, and never came back to read the book again. What I did, was just to make sure I stretched every part of my body. If you're not sure that you've targeted all the parts of your body, go to the internet, and try to find a list of stretching exercises, and follow them.

The important thing is, when to stretch. Me? I stretch for 5 minutes after waking up, 5 minutes before going to sleep, and then 1 minute EVERY HOUR THEREAFTER.

That's why back in high school, most of my classmates were intrigued why I was always stretching after every subject. Our subjects are spaced at 1 hour intervals, so it's easy for me to remember to keep on stretching.

My favorite stretch exercises are bending my back and also stretching, widening my arms and putting it behind my back (this stretches the chest), and stretching my legs to it's fullest. I do all this without needing to stand up (that's why I always stretch in class).

And oh, in doing the exercises, one key thing you have to keep in mind is, you should follow good posture in doing your exercises, or else, you will get injured, even if it's a stretching exercise. That good posture will also make you taller, as outlined below...


Just fixing your posture alone would add around 1 inch to your height. It is a fact that most people are not maximizing their natural height, and that most of us have very curved spine. Naturally, our spines are really curved to a certain degree, but most of us are curved to a great degree.

walking_tallSo I also practiced carrying a straight posture (not too straight or else you'd look gay). Not only does it make you look taller, but you'd look more alpha, and be healthier. And we all know that women love men with good body language.

As regards posture, it's easy, just always try to "Walk Tall."

It's going to be unusual at first, and you're not going to feel at ease with this, but you'd soon be used to walking so tall with a good posture, that people will even feel intimidated with your presence haha. You'll soon get used to it, like I did. Just don't look menacing as if you're looking for a fight. You'd want to look more like a "relaxed alpha."

It takes 21 days to create a habit, so remember, you get through the first 21 days doing this, and it'll be "natural" for you to "Walk Tall."


Now, this is more applicable to those who are still not beyond the age of 22, as it will benefit them the most.

For diet, I tried to increased my intake of proteins that time (before I followed the book "How to Grow Taller", I had a carbohydrate-rich diet). The most important step that I took was increasing my intake of fresh milk, which prior to following these "growing tall" steps, made me vomit a lot (I think I was lactose-intolerant). I said "fresh milk", not "powdered milk", nor "evaporated milk", nor "condensed milk", nor "chocolate milk", not even "soya milk." It is fresh milk that I took that made the difference.

When I got used to drinking milk (my milk of choice that time was Nestle Fresh Milk), I was drinking around a minimum half a liter a day (on some days, I drank 1 liter of Fresh Milk). My dad was very supportive of what I was doing so it's okay for him to buy me lots of milk, as he was the one who gave me that book anyway.

Also eat a lot of fruits, especially bananas. I don't know why bananas are my fruit of choice, but I made sure to eat at least 1 or 2 servings of fruits a day, although I think more is recommended for health purposes.

It's also important to NEVER GET DEHYDRATED, and NEVER SKIP A MEAL (so you should keep on exercising and engaging in sports at least, so you don't get wide and fat, but you grow fit and taller). I always made it a point to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. There was even one point in time when I drank a glass of water every hour (which make me take almost 15 glasses of water a day). Yes it made me urinate a lot, so you gotta be prepared for this, if you plan on taking water a lot, and you'll perspire much because of this, I think. I didn't do this in school though, I did this during summer. It would be weird to be drinking a glass of water every hour in school. But I made sure I always drink water. I didn't even drink softdrinks that time, as softdrinks dehydrates you.


The tips mentioned by the book regarding fashion are actually designed to create an optical illusion with you looking taller than you actually are.

I forgot all the things that the book said here, but basically you should make sure your outfit don't make you look short. That means, where something that fits your body well, and that makes you look taller, and not wider.

So wear vertical striped shirts, not horizontal striped ones. You can brush your hair up to give the illusion that you're taller.

That's about all I can say about fashion. Maybe some of the other people here can contribute regarding fashion as related to "looking taller?"


Do get a lot of sleep. At least 8 hours a day. Especially during summer when there are no school classes, I always sleep at least 9 hours a day. Prior to knowing these tips, I was an insomniac and slept only 5 hours a day. Maybe that stunted my growth. I had to find a way to cure my insomnia so that I could be taller.

Do maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of the book, I started becoming very health-conscious. As a general rule, following health advice whether regarding diet or exercise, would be very beneficial to you.

Do believe that what you're doing would make you taller. It happened to me, and don't let doubts or hesitations get in the way.


Don't get dehydrated.

Don't skip any meal.

Don't lose sleep.

Don't smoke! Nothing stunts the natural growth of bones more than cigarette smoke.

Don't drink too much.

Don't stop following the tips here even after you've achieved your desired height, just because they lead to a healthy lifestyle.


Boy was teasing his friend...

Boy: Ilang lalaki na ba ang minahal mo? (How many guys have you loved?)

Girl just smiled... then replied...

Girl: Bakit? Ilan ka ba? (Why? How many are you?)

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