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"Notice I didn't say 'Happy New Year'? Because if you're focused on eternity, every year is the same as the last one." - A wise man

"I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me." - Anais Nin

"This is our time, our year, our moment! Own it and conquer it!" - Ryu Uy

Today, we find ourselves on the 1st day of the year 2010 – the year of the tiger. A lot has happened since X Arts was officially formed back in January of 2008. X Arts is now 2 years old, but the real core of X Arts started back in 2006 when I first started teaching boot camps, so I can say that X Arts is now 4 years in the making. However, 2009 had been a transformational year for our community, and it’s worth taking a look back at this year, to see what all of us had accomplished.

2009 for the Filipinos

2009 might have been a year of extremes of highs and lows for the Philippine nation. The lows include the death of a lot of icons; namely Francis Magalona – Filipino godfather of hip hop; former President Corazon Aquino – icon of democracy in Asia; and Michael Jackson – undisputed king of pop idolized by almost all of the singers and dancers of our generation. We were also witnessed to a preview of the great deluge when typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng hit Manila and Northern Luzon, and also the dreaded, horrific and abominable Maguindanao Massacre. At least we also experienced a lot of highs this year, with Manny Pacquiao leading the way for all the Filipinos, winning his 7th world title in as many weight divisions this year – the only fighter in history to do so; Efren Penaflorida winning CNN hero of the year; and Charice Pempengco singing her way to international stardom.

2009 for the Philippine Seduction Community

As regards our community, 2009 had been a fruitful year. Our website became more active, and the forum was launched in late January 2009. We were able to dominate the Philippine scene and we’re now regarded as the premier seduction community here. We were also listed in www.asiandating and topped the ratings in seductionlist, among others. We are slowly gaining ground in the international seduction community, and proving that Filipinos can definitely be the best lovers and seducers in the world.

X Arts also paved the way in the Philippine mainstream media. We have had 2 separate interviews in 2 reputable Philippine newspapers – in the Manila Times by Ana Santos and in the Philippine Star by RJ Ledesma. We also did a great interview in 94.7 and a funny and awesome interview with Boys Night Out last November. We held 2 PUA Summits this year, and each Summit gets better and better, with a lot more people leveling up their game and graduating from the default PUA mindset.

This year also saw the departure of 1 of our instructor and skill set specialist, Smooth. His trip to Davao and Laguna has proved most memorable, and spreading X Arts to different parts of the Philippines had been fruitful because of him. He had to depart X Arts for personal reasons and to achieve his own personal goals, and we wish him luck and good health in his future endeavors. Thank you for helping bring X Arts to what it is today.

Tagaytay Retreat

The first X Crew Outing and Christmas Party in Tagaytay was the perfect year-ender for all of us. Thank you for all those who came and for those who wanted to come but wasn’t able to do so, there will certainly be lots of next time. We’ll keep everybody posted. Our bond as a brotherhood will just get stronger and stronger.

The Wolfpack in Tagaytay Picnic Grove

The Light and the Sound

We celebrated this New Year with a bang and a lot of fireworks, as we do every year. This practice has its roots many thousands of years ago from early civilizations, where it was believed that fireworks and noise would ward off evil spirits so that it would be better to meet every New Year with a lot of fireworks and noise. This year was no different.

fireworks display

Figuratively speaking, X Arts is the Light – the Light to the darkness that has filled most of our lives. We have provided the tools and services needed to help others improve and develop their selves so that they will be socially competent and confident, comfortable with their identity, and successful not only in their dating life, but also in all other aspects of their life, such as in business, in their health, and in their relationships. We have proven that with most of the people who came to X Arts, especially the members of the Wolfpack who all have taken the X Arts Private Bootcamp.

That’s what I’m most proud of in X Arts. We have made successful transformations to individuals, and have enriched and enhanced their lives. To the members of the Wolfpack, I’m very much honored to have served all of you. If you’re grateful to me, give more gratitude to yourself, because you deserved all that has happened to you. You did it to yourself. You made this commitment to self-development and self-discovery, and the success is yours to savor. I’m the one who should be grateful to you, because you make me want to do this more, to improve the community, and to develop our services for the better. There were a lot of success stories and a lot of improvements I’ve seen in the X Crew especially all the wolves of the Wolfpack. Just now, I’ve received this text from a fellow wolf:

“Hey man, it’s the first time I had someone special to kiss and spend my New Year with. Thanks for everything to you, July, Nomer and Job, especially during our fieldtrip the last 2 days hehe. Happy new Year to you and July. I feel that 2010 is going to be an awesome year!”

We receive countless text messages like this throughout the year, and we also hear this alot in person. It’s so heartwarming every time we receive this. It makes me so proud to be in this field, we’ve help a lot of people make connections. I personally think this is the best and most noble profession one can have in the world. We would always say in return - “You did it to yourself.” We all had it inside of us. That’s why we call it more of self-development and self-discovery, more than self-improvement.

Now that we know we are the Light, we also have to be the Sound. What does that mean? That means we have to make a lot of noise, so that they will know about X Arts. We have to let them hear about us. Spread the love brothers! Some people may not see the Light, because they don’t know about it, or they have their backs turned against the Light; but if they hear about us, even if they have their backs turned, we can turn them slowly to see the Light. That’s what being the Sound is all about, spreading our art to others, so that others may share in our success. Remember, success is not for us alone to savor, because it’s much more fulfilling if it is shared with others, especially with the people who love you, and whom you love the most.

The Light and the Sound – that’s gonna be our theme for 2010, which I believe, would be an awesome year for us. This is the year we make a lot of noise. This is the year we really conquer the Philippines. We already have started out with our fellow mental_assassin making his mark in FHM and introducing X Arts in their February issue. We’re really looking forward to that. This is the year we make our mark in Asia and in the international scene as a force to be reckoned with. We know have we have the best people, the best product, and the best system to make our mark in the international scene, so be confident. We should show them that we could dominate internationally as well.

2010 is the year where we will make waves. For one, I'll be graduating from the San Beda College of Law and shall be taking the 2010 Bar Examinations in September. Finally, we'll have a lawyer in X Arts. I thereby call it out, 2010 is gonna be the most explosive year for the X Arts Community!!!

My shoutouts to the X Crew who have supported X Arts since day 1 – we are all winners and we’ll show everyone else why. Keep on working on your life, and keep on taking the attitude of a winner, a champion, and a great ladies’ man. Focus on your goals and your ultimate purpose; and then share your blessings. We’ve come a long way, and to think of it, we’ve only just begun.


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