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"When you are through changing, you are through." - Bruce Barton

"He who rejects change is the architect of decay.  The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery." - Harold Wilson

The 2011 Philippine Seduction Summit is drawing near. The purpose of the convention is to present men and women with the right attitude in dealing with the opposite sex and with life, in general. Of course, another purpose is for the guys to get together, sarge a bar, and declare Club d' etat (another name for club takeover)! Now ain't that a scene?!

But let's stick to the main objective of the Summit, the main objective of X Arts, and the main objective of this community.


Change. Isn't it a cliche? You will have to agree with me that the word have become so common that you it didn't take you more than a second (or 100th, at that) to look at it. Let me give you an example of a conversation I had with a Natural (one who is naturally good with women) and an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump). I swear this just happened four and a half hours ago. Take note that I had been discussing the Summit for sometime so the two are aware of it.

Natural: Dre, punta ka ba sa Summit? (Dude, are you going to the Summit?)
October: Oo. (Yes.)
AFC: Bakit pa? (Why?)
Natural (to AFC): Magpunta ka kaya nang magbago naman buhay mo! (Why don't you go so that your life will at least change!)
AFC: Di ko kailangan yang pagbabagong yan. Masaya ako sa kung ano'ng meron saken! Besides, I get laid naman e. (I don't need to change. I'm comfortable being me! Besides, I get laid from time to time).
October: I understand. Gaganda nga nila e. (I understand, they even look pretty.)
AFC: O see! (See!?)
October: Mukhang mga galing comatose lang. (Looks just like they recently snap out of a coma.)

Here we go again with "I'm-comfortable-being-me." Purely stupid.

You see, "Change" is a simple word to utter. Trust me, it's one of the hardest thing to endure. Change, in PUA-concept ("PUA" means Pick Up Artist), means going through a revolution and not just a mere reformation. In the history of human civilization, revolutions more or less involved blood bath in order to overthrow an existing status quo, replacing it with another system.

That is exactly what you will get when you undergo this change I am talking about - an experience full of success, rejections, fine-tuning, overhaul, depression, and bedazzlement.

The AFC says he is comfortable with himself. It's as if "being you" have been the greatest thing ever. You were doing just fine, "just being you." The "being you" entails, among other things, the following:

  1. Staying in your comfort zone.
  2. Afraid to take calculated risks. 
  3. Afraid to calculate risk in the first place.
  4. Saying you are okay, so it's also okay to lose on more than 100 occasions.
  5. Having the same obsolete results because you're doing the same procedures that failed you the last time. Now, you are hoping that it will work this time.

I can enumerate a lot of things I call "excuses." Point is, you are staying with the same old belief system and you are getting what you deserve: 

SSDD - Same Shit, Different Day

Now, when we talk about getting laid, an Average Frustrated Chump would say the following:

  • "Well, AT LEAST I get laid."
  • "It's not about sex all the time."

Sure. Give yourself a break. At least you're getting laid? Right. You mean getting laid with women who choose you and not the women you choose to be with. In, short, bottom-feeder. 

And it's not about sex all the time?! I completely agree. However, MEN WANT SEX. WOMEN WANT SEX. It's reality. 

I'm sick and tired of men who think they are full of honor and integrity by saying that they don't need change because, guess what, they don't need to change. They are liars. I've been one before I became a convert. Why are we so fine with deceiving ourselves?

Have you ever had that experience wherein you can hear yourself so proud denouncing "sex" as something so taboo in front of your friends but deep inside of your chest, a guitar string snaps, a low voice inside of you whispers, "Good job. Keep that smile on your face. You are displaying NOBILITY. A TRUE GENTLEMAN My liar friend. Keep your cool, liar, keep your integrity, liar?" I know. I've been there.

You are merely pretending. Convincing other people that you are okay. Convincing yourself that you are okay. That lie becomes truth but temporarily. Then, you convince yourself again. It's not a cycle anymore. It's a downward spiral of self-deception. And I'm so sure, that fulfillment glass is not even half-full, half empty.

Change means acceptance of your weaknesses, using them brilliantly to empower you, and strategically positioning yourself to amplify your strengths. Change means taking the hands of people who are offering their help to improve your life.

Is the SUMMIT the key to this? No, it's not. We don't claim such false advertisement. Apart from the Bootcamp which is the crown-jewel of X Arts, the Summit is the by-product of all ideas from Naturals, Players, Seducers, Ladies' Men, Women of the Community, and top PUAs in the Philippines. If you want a good start with this "change," go for GREAT. 

I personally encourage people to take it but I never insisted, besides, it's still "underground" and we are keeping it a secret, if not, I won't post as October here, would I? In fact, even if there are few participants in the SUMMIT, it would still push through for the people who realize that the SUMMIT is worth it. That's just that. Period.

Finally, do yourself a favor even if you are not attending the SUMMIT. Grab your shirt's collar, stop making attempts in preventing to change, and stop wasting your braincells by arguing against yourself on why not to make that change. As a MPUA put it, only the insecure refuses to change.


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