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I know I know. It’s been a long time since this book was released – this book was released November 2010! – however, late is better than never to review this book. In any case, if somebody asks why it took me more than a year to give a review on this book, I’ll just say “I’m sorry, I’m a slow reader!

The Author

Anyway, this book was written by none other than RJ Ledesma, a Yogi (Yoga Instructor), Columnist, former Commercial Model, Host (TV and Events), Comedian and Entrepreneur. What a portfolio!.

Actually, the most interesting thing about RJ Ledesma has to do with his being a columnist since he writes “Pogi from a Parallel Universe” – a column under the Lifestyle Section in the Philippine Star in its Wednesday edition; and with his being a TV host since he is currently one of the 3 main hosts of “Best Men” – which airs every Monday night at 10:30pm on GMA News TV (look up their facebook page and give a “Like” if you please).

The reason those 2 are the most interesting things about him is because X Arts had been featured in his column for at least 2 issues, while Nomer “The Mind Master” Lasala, an X Arts Instructor Emeritus, had also been featured in his column on 1 issue; and finally, the first episode [ever] of Best Men featured X Arts where the topic is about training men to become better at the art of seduction.

RJs_Seduction_BookThe Book

This is the first time I’ll be publishing a book review so I’m really excited that I’ll be doing my first review of a book on something written by a good pal of mine. I may also be biased in reviewing this book since X Arts occupies at least 2 articles in the book.

The book is actually a compilation of all his articles from his column “Pogi from a Parallel Universe” in the Philippine Star. When I scanned the book and realized that it was a compilation of his articles, I initially thought this book would not be so “top-notch” in the sense that, it will not be a good resource to learn how to flirt and be successful with women. However, upon reading it, I quickly realized that it is full of good content and that this could actually be a good seduction resource.

The book is divided into 3 Chapters. It starts off by compiling all his articles which has anything to do with “Body Language”, and then it goes to “Flirting”, finally ending in “Professional Pick-Up” – the last chapter containing the article where X Arts was featured.

RJ does a good job of compiling the articles in sequential order whereby he starts with the pre-approach stage between a man and a woman. The pre-approach stage consists of Body Language (and rightfully so) and what usually happens before a man breaks the ice with the woman. He then goes on to discuss the approach itself as well as getting the girl interested in the interaction with the man. This stage is all covered in his chapter on Flirting. Finally, he then proceeds to compile his articles on various styles (X Arts is not strictly a style though!) that is used by both man and woman alike to “seal the deal” in the last chapter – Professional Pick-Up.

This book is scientific with a tongue-in-cheek type of humor added to it. It features research and findings cited by RJ, reviews on books made by RJ, as well as interviews of people who are authorities in the field of body language, humor, dating, seduction, sexual confidence and hypnosis (this book is not about X Arts but did I make it sound as if it is only about X Arts? hehe).

The Real Deal?

Let’s return to X Arts. Here in X Arts, we’re only concerned with what works, and we discard what does not work. In short, we only deal with “the real deal”… so the ultimate question is – “Is this book legit?” Can this book help bring better results to a reader in order to meet, date and successfully seduce their counterparts? The short answer is YES and it’s not because X Arts is in this book (although this certainly helped boost the book’s credibility). The reason is that it cites a lot of scientific research backed up by a lot of empirical data in support of anything which it conveys.

Different but Parallel Paths to the Same Conclusion

Okay, scientific research had never changed anyone from wuss to stud. Knowledge is useless unless it is applied in which case it becomes Power because “Knowledge [when applied] is Power”. The real reason this book can help is that aside from the scientific findings; the conclusions made in each article in the book as well as the way RJ arranged the articles are in line with the teachings and principles X Arts had been advocating all along, except that RJ came to his conclusions through research and countless interviews while in parallel fashion, X Arts arrived at those same conclusions through field-tests and guess what… “natural sense” (I was supposed to call this “common sense” but this isn’t so common anymore, hence the new term).

Case in point: There’s an article included in the book that talks about how powerful “eye flirting” is. Eye flirting is done by engaging in direct eye contact with the target for 2 or 3 seconds, then breaking eye contact by looking down and to the right. The key is to be the first to break eye contact so it appears as if she was the last one who looked at you. It is no secret in X Arts that the “X-move” is exactly the same thing. RJ cited several evolutionary studies and scientific research discussing the effect of that move and how “flirtatious” it is, while X Arts just simply explains how that move increases sexual tension and arouses the curiosity of women [and men for you female readers] even before you have spoken with each other.

My Recommendation?

My recommendation therefore, is for everyone to purchase and read this book because it is a worthy investment. Not only will you get a few laughs while reading the book but you will learn the process of seduction... things your dad and mom never taught you.

For the price of around Php 200.00, nothing could be worth more for your buck.

RJ’s book “Is it Hot in Here or Is it Me? Rj Ledesma’s Imaginary Guide to Flirting, Body Language and Pick Up Artists” is now available in all National Bookstores and Power Books nationwide. For more information about the book, you may visit his website

P.S. RJ’s other book “It Only Hurts When I Pee. RJ Ledesma’s Guide to Bodily Gases, Hair Loss and Pink Parts” had just also been released in National Bookstores and Power Books nationwide. Today might be a good time to pick it up.

P.P.S. RJ, you owe me. If you feel that your 3 female readers had turned into a hundred male readers, you know who to blame for that.


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