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Interesting turn of events last week, but not really unexpected.

I received a call from some representatives of TV5's Good Morning Club Show requesting me to appear as a guest consultant on their show this Thursday. So I'm so supposed to go to their studio next week - February 14th- Valentine's Day.

I live in Makati, the studio is in Novaliches in front of SM Novaliches. They say that with light vehicular traffic, it's about an hour's drive from my place. With moderate traffic, 2 hours. With heavy traffic, 3 hours. I could've taken a vacation, gone to Tagaytay and would have finished eating bulalo by that time.

It's so far from where I'm staying, I think I was charged for international roaming rates on my post-paid line when I tried calling back. Phew.

Still, notwithstanding this distance-related challenge; plus the fact that I've appeared several times on radio interviews, television shows, televised talk shows, thesis interviews and documentaries; and that they only really remember me during Valentine's season... 

I'm enthusiastic about this upcoming interview. Maybe it helped that the female representative who invited me to the show was really courteous, amiable and respectful.

So I'm inviting you to watch my TV guest appearance on TV5's Good Morning Club show this Valentine's Day. Although on hindsight, I should be discouraging you from watching the show since I'd probably just make a fool out of myself as they - meaning Edu Manzano, Tintin Bersola-Babo and company - would just probably ask me a lot of silly, nonsensical and easy "I-can-answer-in-my-sleep" type of questions such as how to get a girlfriend (for the boys) and how to get a man lusting for you (if you're a girl); nevertheless, here are the details:

Date: 14 February 2013, Thursday
Time: 5 to 7 in the morning
TV Show: Good Morning Club
Segment: At Your Service

Wish me (and the show) luck and if you want me to greet you, holla at this post through a comment.

P.S. X Arts Amici Maxine Mamba, an expert date and relationship consultant/model/actress/entrepreneur is also appearing on the same TV Show - Good Morning Club, albeit on a different segment of the show on 12 February 2013, Tuesday, also from 5 to 7 in the morning.


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