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"The eyes are the window to the soul." - Old English Proverb

I was browsing through my old reports and files, and I came across something. The X Game. I remember one of my old students saying this:

"Case in point - the X Game. No one, absolutely no one has ever taught that yet aside from him... With the X Game, seduction starts even before you engage a set. How's that for a killer technique?"

It's found in this Testimonial LINK

I remember teaching the Eye Contact in X Game, and how I used it a lot to engage a lot of people, even before speaking with them, so that they will get attracted and seduced enough to initiate proximity:

"So, I did X-game in the club and by the second time I circle around (this usually takes just 5-8 minutes). This is what happened....

Sets of girls kept pulling me aside in order to number close me.

One set pulled me aside forcefully on the arm using their homosexual friend in order to open me and introduce me to their hottest chick there. I acceded, but then I had my sights set on just one woman there. So I eject.

Three other sets touched my ass without my permission. I looked behind, they just kept dancing like nothing happened (of course I knew it was an AI). Haha, I'll tell you the disadvantage of this game as early as now... be prepared to get violated physically."

Found in this Lay Report LINK

I can tell you more stories about this, and it keeps happening over and over again, with high class models and high profile people (yes, you attract what you project) coming up to me (with no interaction at all) and asking for who I am.

This is one of my highly-kept secrets of all time... and I'm about to share it with you. Better yet, maybe you should see this in action and you will learn how to do this for sure. Anyways, I decided to dwell unto this matter now... about the importance of eye contact, and how powerful it can be when you know how to use it; because I've seen and met a lot of people in the community who doesn't know how to use this to their advantage, and even spoke with a lot of people who can't even keep eye contact with me. That will hurt their game a lot, and I think it will be worth my while to talk about it, and tell you that your eyes are one of the most efficient mediums by which you can convey your aura, your confidence, and your emotions.

Why can't we maintain eye contact?

Before that, I will first explain the reason why most people are not good in keeping eye contact anymore, and thus, doesn't know how to convey their emotions through the eyes. It's actually basic, if you think deeply about it, but because of the many distractions this world had given us, we have lost this ability - maintaining eye contact and having the ability to convey ourselves through our eyes. We live in a world where we can converse with each other even without being physically present in the other's eyes. If you don't believe me, I can bet you my 1 peso coin here that, on the average, you text more persons on your cellphone than those whom you spoke with, on a normal day. The inability to maintain eye contact can also come from other factors as well, such as feeling inferior to the other person; hiding something from him/her; not giving too much respect to him/her; among others.

Even in the X Arts Forum, you speak with a lot of people without seeing eye to eye with them. In fact, by reading this article, you are already speaking with me, although we don't see eye to eye, and it's a 1 way conversation where you just listen. In the real world as well, I can see a lot of people speaking with each other, with very minimal eye contact, as they are distracted with a lot of things in the environment, or they are distracted by the text messages that they received on their cellphone. Thus, our ability to maintain eye contact with people is greatly hampered.

How important is eye contact to seduction?

Maintaining eye contact is one of the most important elements in maintaining a very lively interaction or conversation. It is through our eyes that we can really see what the other person is trying to express. It is through our eyes that we can create the most intense sexual tension with the opposite sex. It is through our eyes that we can "feel" the sincerity of the person. It is through our eyes that we can see their "soul". We can never lie through our eyes.

It is only through eye contact that we can reciprocally channel intense amounts of sexual energy to the other person. If you don't believe me, try this exercise... Try to look deeply and stare into the eyes of the one you love, for a long period of time. Then tell me what you felt, how you felt, and what she felt in the process.

What are the different types of eye contact?

There are many types of eye contact. There's the blank stare, where you just look at the other person and just pretend to be listening or paying attention to him/her without really connecting with him/her. This usually happens in school wherein you pretend to listen to the teacher. There's the serious one, wherein you look at the other one in a serious manner without finching. This usually occurs in serious business meetings or negotiations. There's the intense serious staredown, which usually occurs when you get into a serious, face-to-face personal conflict with a nemesis. There's the "just looking" eye contact, where you just look to see without any intention aside from curiousity. There are many more types out there, but I'd like to dwell more on what is really important, the sexual eye contact.

Sexual Eye Contact

When you want to make eye contact to seduce, first thing you want to do is not back down from making eye contact. It's important to make eye contact most of the time during the interaction, or even before the interaction. As I've said, the true start of the interaction doesn't start in the approach or the opener, but the moment you have your first eye contact with her, even if you 2 are just strangers. Don't be shy to make eye contact with everyone, especially the woman you want.

Now, when you make eye contact, be sure to be authentic and sincere through your eyes. She will definitely feel it. You can make it more powerful if you learn to channel your sexual aura unto her and make her feel your presence sexually. The possiblities are endless. Through practice, calibration and repetition, you can learn to boldly channel your sexual aura to her in a very intense manner. She will feel the same way as you. You 2 may go into a sexual state of trance, as if both of you are in a different universe altogether. It's as if your bodies aren't there, and all the 2 of you are, are spirits mingling with each other in outer space. The sexual tension would be so high, that both of you would have no choice but to break it by interacting with each other and maybe, getting into each other's pants.

You may also want to take into consideration the triangular gaze in further increasing sexual tension. It's where you look her in her right eye for a time, then switch to the left eye for another period of time, then go down to stare at her lips, and back to her right eye again.


You may want to conduct this exercise in front of the mirror. Try to look at yourself in the eyes for a very period of time. Do an intense battle eye contact staredown with yourself in the mirror. The longer you look at yourself, the better you're doing.

That's it for the eyes. Next time we meet, I won't even bother to look at you now... I ain't gay. hehe


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