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"She take my money when I'm in need

Yeah she's a trifling friend indeed
Oh she's a gold digger way over town
That dig's on me" - Jamie Foxx, in the song "Gold-digger" by Kanye West

What is a Gold-digger?

Urban Dictionary defines gold-digger as "Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man's bank account than she does about the man."

In layman's terms, a gold-digger is someone who doesn't care about you unless you're rich and are willing to share that wealth with her.

We encounter gold-diggers a lot, and some even have been victimized by a lot of these materialistic creatures. Many of them are pretty too, and they use their looks and beauty to get what they want... to get the man to pay for their drinks, pay for their food, provide for their transportation, pay for their tuition, provide for their house, their jewelry, their shoes, etc.

Now, there's nothing wrong with providing for a woman... IF THEY DESERVE IT. If they think they deserve it because they are beautiful, then let them be, but I don't think you will want to have a relationship with that woman. Never jump into her frame though. Never provide for a woman unless she deserves it. 

Signs that She's a Gold-digger

  • She won't give any attention to you unless she knows you're rich
  • She constantly asks you to buy her drinks
  • She constantly asks for money from you
  • She constantly asks for gifts from you when you barely know each other
  • She asks you about what type of car you drive during the first few minutes of interaction
  • She constantly hangs out with men that are way older than her without any apparent, professional pretext

There are other more signs out but I'm sure you get the drift of where I'm going at with my enumeration.

How to Deal with Gold-diggers

Now, a lot of people have been asking me the past couple of months on how to deal with gold-diggers. Others have suggested that they just leave the gold-digger, and find a girl who's not a gold-digger.. that'll surely solve the problem.

They're acting on the premise that gold-diggers will never change, and the only way to seduce a gold-digger is to use money and buy their time... getting them invested in you emotionally for a long time, that they'll develop feelings for you over time... after spending a fortune that is.

That premise isn't accurate. The problem with women is, most of them would have a gold-digging tendency at some point, and just because they acted like a gold-digger at 1 point, doesn't mean they'll be gold-diggers for life. If you block out every single gold-digger you face in your life, that'll leave you with just a few options when it comes to women.

Having said that, there are ways to seduce a gold-digger without throwing cash at them. They're smart, but you can be smarter than them.

First off, the frame you should operate upon is that, nobody deserves a free lunch, unless they deserve it. If a woman did something for you worth rewarding, then she sure is deserving of a little reward or present. Take note that the key word here is "did something." Being pretty does not fall under that category. Beauty is only superficial and skin deep... what we're looking for here is something she did for you that shows she at least cares about you, and not your bank account.

Now, whenever a gold-digger says something like "buy me a drink" or "would you buy me a drink?" or "aren't you gonna buy me a drink?", most guys make the mistake of answering "no" without giving any good reason at all that would make the gold-digger stay in the interaction. My suggestion is answering or countering any of her gold-digging moves with a move that is congruent with your frame above... an example interaction would be:

Her: Buy me a drink.
You: Why? Are you my girlfriend?
Her: Of course not.
You: Ayt, why should I buy you a drink then?

That way, you disrupt her frame and did something what 90% of guys haven't done to her. Not only that, you automatically separated yourself from the pack (see Having Presence: Separating Yourself from the Pack), and thus you can be sure, she's more interested in you than ever before. As with any gambit, this isn't perfect, and there are bound to be some gold-diggers who won't be affected with this move, abandon you, and just say "next". However, they will be in the minority I assure you, as long as you play your cards right. 

Now, if this happens:

Her: Buy me a drink.
You: Why? Are you my girlfriend?
Her: Yes.
You: Prove it to me.

That's where you make her qualify to you as a girlfriend. If she does well (kiss you, give you head, etc.) then reward her accordingly and in proportion to how well she deserved it. Now that's a win-win situation... she got what she wanted, and you got what you wanted.

Any variation of the above lines, or any modifications that would make it tailor-suited to your personality would work, as long as you operate on the right frame and minset as mentioned above.

The bottom line is: make her earn that cash.

And then also tell her that it's her turn next time to buy you something, since you're her boyfriend. True relationships are after all, give-and-take. Another win-win situation.



Got this from X Arts Brother AFCPaeng.

Cocky Funny Tip of the Day

Situation - Drinking session with friends, and you have a potential target

You: Ang ganda ni <target's name> noh? (<target's name> is so beautiful right guys?)
HB <smiles and is flattered at the same time>
You: Dalawang bote nalang beauty queen ka na sa paningin ko! Hahahaha! (Give me 2 more bottles of beer, and then maybe you'll be a beauty queen in my eyes! hahahaha)

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