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"All that we are, is the result of what we have thought" - Gautama Buddha 

First off, a title is just a title, I am X, and I wanna be the best X that I can be, regardless of whether it is a PUA, Pick Up Guru, Seducer, Boyfriend, Husband, Lawyer, Businessman, Friend or whatever. On the other hand, YOU ARE YOU, and YOU WANNA BE THE BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE. What's important is what we do, it's the process, not the destination, that is really the core of it all.

Secondly, granting that you need titles, STOP CONSIDERING YOURSELF AN AFC RIGHT NOW, and START CONSIDERING YOURSELF AS A LADIES' MEN OR APIMP OR A PUA OR PLAYER, or whatever it is that you wanna be. In NLP, we have a principle there, that is, "Assume the Role". If you start assuming that you're a PUA right now, then you'll start to become a PUA, start thinking like one, start doing what PUA's do, start BEING A PUA, and then start having what you wanna have.

Remember, REALITY IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. All that we are, is the result of what we have thought.

It's not really that hard projecting yourself as a PUA already, you have the know-how... all the resources are already in front of you. So what's stopping you from assuming you're a PUA? What's the difference between you and me?

I think you don't know how good you really are man. I repeat, START ASSUMING THE ROLE THAT YOU WANNA BECOME! Look yourself in the mirror everyday, point to the person you see in front of you and tell him, YOU'RE THE MAN!!!! I know this sounds crazy, but soon enough, you'll become what you wanna become.

This is the popular concept in NLP of "BE-DO-HAVE" as opposed to "DO-HAVE-BE". It has worked 100%. Just start believing 100% in yourself in assuming the role you want to achieve.

Applying that concept to PUA, first, you assume that YOU ARE ALREADY A MASTER PICK UP ARTIST/SEDUCER, and since you believe 100% in that, you will certainly start doing what MASTER PICK UP ARTISTS/SEDUCERS DO! That's a guarantee my friend. Well, of course, having been doing what they do, YOU WILL START TO HAVE WHAT MASTER PICK UP ARTISTS/SEDUCERS HAVE, and that's a natural consequence.

This is as opposed to the usual mindset that society gave us, which is do-have-be, and applied to PickUpArts, that means, you first have to do and work hard to be a PUA, then you'll start having what PUA's have, and after that, that's the only time you'll be a PUA. Get out of this frame brother!

View yourself as if you're the best Seducer in the world, and you will start to become like one, naturally and organically. If you're having a hard time doing that, view yourself as Smooth or any of the PUA's you admire in here, and you will start to be like him, act like him, and start having what he has.

I first started out already assuming I'm a Master Pick Up Artist/Seducer (well, not accurately, I started thinking like that after 2 sarges). That's when everything fell into place.

We practice our game WHENEVER THERE IS A SOCIAL INTERACTION. Start to think like this... you don't do nor run game, YOU ARE THE GAME!!! That's you. Think Triple H man. 


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