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"Whenever I date a guy, I always ask myself: is this the guy I want my children to spend their time with?" - Rita Rudner 

So... now you have a date. Where do you take her then?

I've put together a list of interesting places to go on a date with someone. I very seldom go out on "dates", but I do when that person is worthy, and I know how to have a great time with anybody, in great places... Places you are about to be aware of as you read through the article.

Most of the places I will list here, I've been to myself, and also with a date. Furthermore, I read some from a book who planned to become a millionaire by the age of 30 and the author was really frugal that he knew where the best cheapest dates are. He's not a PUA by the way, but his knowledge on cheap dates are golden. I think the title of the book is "Millionaire by 30", forgot the name of the author. I read it entirely in one sitting in powerbooks greenbelt. I'll read it again but this time, I'll just try to remember the pertinent parts there related to dating. There are a lot of things he said but I'll try to remember to the best of my ability.

So here it is... the best and the cheapest, but quality date places to take your girlfriend/date to. The places here are general, but I named some specific places here in my hometown in the Philippines, Manila; for exemplary purposes, just because I'm more familiar with these places than any other places in the world. Though I'm sure you will find a place similar to the ones I mention in your own hometown.

WARNING: This is not just for Day 2's, but also for those who are your best friends, and especially, girlfriend/s.


1.) Museums

national museum of the philippines
Remember the movie "Hitch?" They had a lot of fun in the museum right?

- There's the national museum in Roxas Boulevard.

- Ayala Museum near Greenbelt 4, I think.

Hindi ko na alam ung iba, tryna research. Please contribute guys.

2.) Parks

park in greenbelt, makati

- Legazpi Park in Legazpi Village Makati, near Greenbelt Mcdo and AIM

- Jaime Velazquez Park in Salcedo Village Makati, Tordesillas St., near H.V. Dela Costa St.

- Rainforest Park in Pasig. Lots of things to see and do like zoo, water park, play basketball, tennis, gym, etc.

- Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia, near the bay. Watch the sunset around 5++ P.M. and take pictures, it's a must. I know we did this.

- Serendra Mall, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Just take a stroll here, coz the food there is really expensive. Lots of owners with dogs.

And don't forget to go to Fully Booked and read books for free! I do this on dates, even if my date don't know a thing on books or even hate books, it's even better that way, but give her interesting books to read at first, something that matches her interests, like make-up or fashion or animals or something. There's bound to be a book there that would be interesting to her. This is what I call her "taking her into your world." Trust me, have been through this already.

Later during the date, go eat at Market Market to save some cash.

- Rajah Sulayman Park, Malate, near Aristocrat.

- Intramuros, San Agustin Church. Very beautiful here, and go to Rizal's Museum inside.

- University of the Philippines Diliman. Take a stroll here and hang out at the Sunken Garden

- Rizal Park, Luneta, Manila. I'll shoot you in the head with a pellet gun if you don't know where this is.

- CCP, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

- Antipolo, at night, dun sa overlooking place. Stargazing in Antipolo is the best hehe.

If you don't know where this is... I pity you... hehe.

Since many of the places here are free, I suggest not going here on very late hours, as bad elements tend to go to these places late at night. Some here, even though free, are secured 24 hours by policemen though, like Jaime Velazquez Park.

For the public ones here, I encourage taking off your jewelry before taking a stroll, and not dressing outlandish and peacockish so as to attract attention. You're not there to pick up and be "the star." The date is all about you and your date.

It's a good idea to bring a frisbee here or something. Something that you can play alone with her, like badminton, etc.

For other parks worth mentioning, I suggest that everyone help contribute.

3.) Volunteer and Support Groups

WWF providing volunteer and outreach programs for the protectio of animals

Of course, you know that volunteering does not take money. They should even be the ones paying you. Note that you can volunteer on something that you are passionate about, it shows care for the world and is a DHV. I even suggest you doing this even on your own and solo. This is something that we should all be doing on our sparetime, doing some charity work and volunteer.

Frankly and truthfullly, I haven't done this one yet, but I'm seriously planning to this summer. Owing to that, my knowledge here is very limited. Hope other guys here contribute.

- WWF, which stands for World Wildlife Fund, an organization whose purpose is to take care of the environment and the animals. If you like animals, and hopefully, your date/girlfriend does too, this is the place to go to. I think this is their site

- PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society). This is for people who want to adopt homeless animals. But maybe they accept volunteers as well?

- Firemen Community. For those people want to be real-life hero and volunteer to be a firefighter. Sounds awesome right?

I don't know what the others are. I think some groups focused on the needy, the homeless, the poor, etc. You can search on the internet if you want, or ask people or your group of friends, family and relatives.

4.) Zoos

tigers at the Malabon Zoo

Most, if not all women, are to some point, animal lovers. Going to the zoo is always a great idea.

- Avilon Zoo in Montalbon, Rizal. The problem is, it's so far out from Manila.

- Avilon Zoo in Tiendesitas. Smaller than the Montalban one, but still, it's a zoo, and very cool.

- Malabon Zoo in Malabon. I haven't been here, but I think this place is cool as well.

- Manila Zoo in Malate, Manila. This place has been newly renovated and should be a good place to date as well.

5. Marathons and Fun Runs

fun run

Marathons are becoming more common now. You should be doing this even without a date, it's good for your health and well-being. The registration for most marathon is very low. And all of the marathons I know of, start really early (like 5 A.M. in the morning).

- Milo Marathon

- Fort Bonifacio Fun Run every weekend in the very early morning. 

6. Coffee Shops

coffee shop

- Starbucks Coffee Shop outside Corinthian Village, Pasig (near Ortigas, not too near though).

I know, you don't want to take your date to coffee shops anymore. But this one is unique because IT'S THE BEST COFFEE SHOP I've ever seen and been to with respect to the place/venue and the coffee shop itself. It is so peaceful, tranquil relaxing, especially at night. It's just hard to find though.

7. Churches/Mosques/Temples


Oh, the church is a great idea as well, especially on Simbang Gabi nights and Easter Sunday. And it's not only the Catholic Religion that have churches, tryna go to other religions as well without any prejudices and assumptions.

I once went into a shaolin temple to have lunch with my dad and his group of friends. As you know, monks never eat meat and fish, so they served us with vegetable meals which I thought would taste like shit since I didn't like vegetables, but to my surprise, the vegetables there tasted better than meat!!!!! They said they used a different type of cooking on their vegetables and tofu to make them crispy and most of them also tasted like chicken!!!! Man, experiences will certainly accumulate if you don't have prejudices and are willing to try new things out.

8. Bay Area/Seashore


Water is relaxing. Everybody loves water. Don't you know that it is the first sounds that we hear as humans? The sound of water, is the first and most familiar sound in our ears because it is almost the only sounds we hear when we were inside our mother's womb. Just relaxing and listening to it would take your senses to spike and uplift not only your spirit, but also your partner as well. 


General Note:

I also suggest watching the reality show "Blind Date." It usually airs on the channel etc, and some of the dates there that they go to are inexpensive, quality dates. You could learn a thing or two on that show about attraction, seduction and dating too.

By the way, you should read up on NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES. There are parts there wholly dedicated to lists of events and programs (like bazaars, exhibits, marathons) that are lined up for you and your girlfriend to go to.

For example, do you know about the oldest ship in the world? It's the MV Doullus. It's a floating bookstore. That's literally a ship that is a bookstore in itself. They go on a journey around the world, and just stay in 1 place for a maximum of 1 week. They visit the Philippines once every 2 or 3 or maybe 4 years. I was able to know about this MV Doullus on the newspaper and was able to go there with my girlfriend, and it was certainly worth a memory. Very cheap too, might I add, if not for the books and other artifacts we bought... hehe

Hope all this information helped you in your date. Good luck tiger!!!


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