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TOPIC: No time to build dhv, rapport, comfort, seduction stage case

No time to build dhv, rapport, comfort, seduction stage case 6 years 10 months ago #35565

  • reborn!
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I experience cases where I or the HB doesn't have the time and must go quickly. Like what I state on my title, I just go on ahead and ask for their digits ( I don't go direct btw just natural openers, whatever comes to mind).

I usually send them a simple greeting message like nice to meet you on the day I got their digits. Some do not reply. Do you guys wait for a few days before texting again or you just move on? I usually just move on but if others may have tips to turn the situation around? and that is their phone number for sure ( a basic rule i learned, make sure its their phone number lol).

Suggestions on these cases?
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No time to build dhv, rapport, comfort, seduction stage case 6 years 10 months ago #35576

If you left a mark sa girl even if the conversation was just short, the numbers won't flake. You have to make the number close solid.

When you text them, assume that they know you.

say "Hey babe...how are you? Saw (insert something that reminded you of your interaction with her) Naalala kita... musta"

Nothing weird ....nothing fancy or kung ayaw pa din try mo text ka ng Joke. If she texts back with "Who yOU?" hindi solid yun. Anyway since anjan na yan pwede ding sabihin mo, "This is miko from the club last sat (or wherever you've met), then move the interaction forward ( to a meet up, Sex Eyeball, or whatever you want). How to move interactions forward is an all together different topic.
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No time to build dhv, rapport, comfort, seduction stage case 6 years 10 months ago #35594

  • rai
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You can use this disadvantages to your own logistical advantages. If done properly, it may be a blessing in disguise that you don't need to exert more effort in closing the girl.

Just remember to build rapid but intense attraction to the point that she will be the one to call / text you first.

Here are the tips on how to avoid flakes from short meet-ups with HBs.

1) Anchor.
As early as possible, make a seductive kino that will be anchored in her mind such as unusual handshake. Touch her longer than usual at certain intervals. The more you touch her and the more your bodies move to each other will create initial rapport. Thus, removing you from her usual friend's list.

2)Maintain Eye Contact and portray Strong Body Language.
Since you don't have time to build deep rapport through verbal conversations, then you must take advantage of your body language that conveys that you're a man with no unusual background, a man with an alpha state. Eye contact will show that even you're a high-valued man, you're also a likeable man. You can do triangular gazing or touching your lips in a seductive manner to unconsciously arouse the woman.

3) Congruence.
You make her sign a secret agreement between you. Statements such as:
"Baka ikaw ung tipo ng babae na masaya kausap sa personal pero kahit isang text di man lang magawa."
Saying it while holding or shaking her hand or any form of physical touch will increase her obligation to text / call you because she says so.

4)As long as you get her number,there are various ways to make sure that she will not flake. You must be congruent with what impressions or value you want to anchor in her mind.

Cocky Funny.
After getting her number, pretend that someone is calling you, tell her to wait for a minute and then turn back. You dial and call her number. If done playfully, she will be surprised and that will build a positive emotional connection between you. But the real key here is determining if her number that she gave you is real.

After getting her number, call or text her after a day or two. This shows that you're a man with a high value. Remember that first impressions last just like in a texting game. Your first text must oblige her to reply to you.

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