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TOPIC: Need help mahina kasi ako sa inner game

Need help mahina kasi ako sa inner game 5 years 11 months ago #37700

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guys I need some tips for inner game kasi once na nkpag approach nako hanggang opener lang ako and usually after nun wala na nablalanko ako o kaya nagtatanong ako tungkol sa kanya ng pang slumbook questions tulad ng what's your favorite color,favorite food etc. hirap talaga ko mag escalate I need help to improve my inner game.Okay naman pagapproach ko usually I do direct openers and indirect opener for group sets.nag start ako mag game last january pero alam ko na ung pua 2 years ago.suggest na rin kayo ng routines
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Need help mahina kasi ako sa inner game 5 years 11 months ago #37701

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General Inner Game:

*Morty Lefkoe's Natural Confidence Course

how to eliminate the most common limiting beliefs that prevent you from being confident

*The Sedona Method

is a technology to let go of feelings and wants. it's a technology to achieve Tolle's state of being now. As application, very good to release if you feel approach anxiety, but I believe that if put into deeper applications and advanced courses, you can achieve your goals and change beliefs.

PUA-specific Inner Game

*DVD 7 of RSD Foundations
Short version ito ng Blueprint Decoded. At this stage, Blueprint Decoded will be confusing and effectively mental masturbation unless you have reference experiences to appreciate it, and also the framework of NLP modelling. BPD, to quote someone I know, is "natural game broken down into NLP modelling terms"

That segment from Foundations is more digestible for beginners. I'll include in Appendix 2 of my post the relevant notes. If you like it, then go watch Foundations, especially this particular DVD.

*Ross Jeffries - Nail Your Inner Game

meditation practice, to prepare for your sarge, to review your sarge....assessment system on what you did right, what you did wrong, what you could've done better, then visualize doing it correctly.

As for routines, depende talaga sa personality iyan. You can look at the Love Systems Routines Manual, tapos pili ka ng pwede mong gamitin. Or use a framework like Kezia Noble's 10 Hook Lead System. 10HLS isn't routines per se, but it's about using whatever words/information from women to direct the conversation in whatever direction you want.

P.S. Pat yourself in the back. At the very least, after a long time, you managed to approach.

Appendix 1: Notes from Nail Your Inner Game

Non-traditional style of teaching si Ross Jeffries. For your reference, eto iyung notes sa Nail Your Inner Game. If you'll watch it and do the meditation practice, use these as reference.

The brunt of this product is a process that allows you to learn from
your experiences and transmute bad energy into good, useful
energy that can serve you in the future. I will first list the steps
(allowing you to form an overall map of the process), then
describe each in detail.

(1) Meditate. Clear your mind using the breath meditation; needed
for other steps to work.

(2) Intentional rumination time. Choose to ruminate. You do not sit
there ruminating all the time and fucking with yourself; you save it
all for this process.

(3) Choose one experience and detangle. Select one particular
experience that has been bothering you. Detangle the raw
emotional feeling it gives you from everything else you associate
with the experience.

(4) Focus on feeling and label. Experience the feeling and
analyze it every few seconds.

(5) Transmute. Take the bad energy you associate with the
experience and turn it into useful energy.

(6) The extractor. Use the transmuted energy to extract useful
things from the experience.

Now, going over these steps in more detail:

(1) Meditate:

To clear your mind and allow yourself to accomplish the steps that
follow, you must use a simple process of meditation. The meditation is performed as follows:

A) Find a place where you will not be disturbed.

B) Get in a comfortable position, but not TOO comfortable or you
will fall asleep.

C) Breath in. When you have breathed in fully, pause for a
moment--as you pause, you are "finding the quiet in your mind."
Now, breath out. When you have breathed out fully, pause for a
moment. Here again you "find the quiet in your mind."

D) Repeat the above step for approximately ten minutes. If you
feel like doing it longer, go for it. This is useful for some and
problematic for others.

(2) Intentional rumination time.

Most of us sit there worried about shit all the time, letting our bad
experiences and problems fuck with us. This is terrible, and it
traps us in a little prison that we cannot escape because we are
constantly recreating it. CHOOSE to do your ruminating in the
context of this process.

(3) Choose one experience and detangle.

Choose some bad experience that has been troubling you, or any
situation where your performance could be improved. To
detangle, separate the image and dialogue you associated with
the experience from the raw feeling it gives you. Focus on this
raw feeling/emotion specifically--JUST the feeling.

(4) Focus on the feeling and label.Feel the feeling. Focus on it and just it for two or three minutes.
Every four or five seconds, label the feeling as "changing" or
"remaining the same" in your mind. This turns the feeling into raw,
transmutable energy.

(5) Transmute.

In transmuting the energy, you turn bad emotional energy into
fuel. You take your bad energy and recycle it, purify it, and refine
it into something useful. To perform this process, first create a
symbol that is representative of transmutation in your own mind.

For example, you can picture a factory that has bad looking
energy fed into it, then feeds it through a bunch of complex
machinery and outputs good, positive energy.

Now that you have your transmutation symbol, you can begin
transmuting the energy you created in the detangling process.

This process is as follows:

A) Turn the "raw feeling" from the experience you are ruminating
on into a color.

B) Imagine this color leaving your body.

C) Picture the colored energy that has left your body flowing into
your transmutation symbol.

D) Say to yourself, "I now offer this E up to be purified,
transmuted, recycled, and purified for my happiness, clarity,
confidence, and strength" or something along those lines.

E) Picture your symbol outputting good, purified energy you can

(6) The extractor.
In the extractor phase, you use the energy you have transmuted.

The steps are as follows:

A) Picture the positive energy surrounding you like a big,
protective bubble.

B) Look at the bad experience you are ruminating about through
the bubble. Ask yourself, "What could be added to improve the
outcome of the situation? What could have been removed?
Increased? Diminished?"

C) After deciding how to improve the situation, play it out in your
mind again, this time with the alterations you decided on in the
previous step.

D) Take this knowledge into the future with you, knowing you can
make these changes and do better next time.

E) Picture useful energy from bubble flowing back into your body
to serve you.

Appendix 2 - Notes from DVD 7 of RSD Foundations

Implementing a habit:

Realize you’re not cut from a different cloth.
Don’t be a groupie or an hater, because what
someone else can do you can learn to do and
you can appreciate that.

 You might not be that smart, but other people
aren’t smart either.

 What one man can do, another man can do.

 Don’t wait for a girl to dump you. That is

 Be proactive and create habit before the
problem occurs.

 Come up with a plan, for example if you want
to go out 3 days a week, don’t just say it do it.

 Make a choice just to get out there, even if
conditions aren’t ideal.

 Just show up. Show up and go out and have
fun! If you’re tired, your hairs messy or you
don’t have good clothes then don’t give that
the excuse, make it a part of your life by
showing up regardless so just to get out.

 Progress feels directionless at times, don’t let
that get you down, stick to your plan and keep going and going and when you fall down
get up and get up and get back to your

 Don’t get into the habit of thinking about what
you’re doing wrong or what you should be
doing, you should be having fun rather then
getting into an analytical state.

Basic habit steps:
1. Get an idea of what you want.

2. Formulate a plan on how often you need to
show up to get there.

3. Accept your new activity is a part of your life
for the duration of the time you’ve decided,
and never decide based on emotions if you’re
going to show up or not.

4. Don’t worry if you’re getting results, just stick
to the plan with blind faith, and make your
criteria of success just to show up.

5. Make it an hobby, look at the details critically
without taking advice dogmatically, and take
the initiative to shift the focus of your training
when your intuition tells you that it might


Identity is a concept in your mind that
relates you to and separates you from
your social environment.

 Your state is an emotion, like any other
emotion like sadness, happiness, it’s an
emotion within you and exists with you at
all times. But in our society we are not
taught to recognize it, because its not
really that discussed. It’s that state you
go into that women can sense, they can
sense when you drop state.

 State is whatever you think you’re
allowed to have. You have to think that
you’re allowed to be in state.

 The 5 state builders, number 5 being the
only important one you need:

1. Superficial social standards. Money, having
looks, having a nice car, when you see these
and you know that you’ve got that, you feel
great and as a result of that you have more

2. Alliances. When you have guaranteed
acceptance, because you have around you or
who you have around in your life you will feel
more confident and more in state.

3. Competencies. Whenever you have
something that you can do for people, you’ll
feel more in state because you know that they
want something from you. So you have that
anticipated expectance so your state goes up.

4. Role plays. Whenever you’re with someone
who you think is better then you, you will feel
out of state, you will react to him, maybe even
find yourself trying to copy what his doing.
So if you’re the one who is doing better and
you feel better you will be more in state.

5. Identity. On an identity level you know that
you deserve it, you know that your entitled to
it, because it’s just who you are. Identity level
confidence, that is the core confidence, it
doesn’t depend on how you look, having met
anyone else’s standings other then your own,
it doesn’t depend on anything other then
simply being a part of who you are.

If you can truly let go of what people think of you
and observe were you are trying to impress and
the cutting that off, it can do amazing things.

Appendix 3: Beliefs You Will Remove Through Natural Confidence Course
You get 23 video modules to help break through the following beliefs and conditionings:

Mistakes and failure are bad.
I'm not good enough.
Change is difficult.
I'm not important.
What makes me good enough or important is having people think well of me.
Nothing I do is good enough.
I'm not capable.
I'm not competent.
I'm inadequate.
If I make a mistake or fail I'll be rejected.
I'm a failure.
I'm stupid.
I'm not worthy.
I'll never get what I want.
I'm powerless.
People aren't interested in what I have to say.
What I have to say isn't important.
It's dangerous to have people put their attention on me (something bad will happen).
What makes me good enough or important is doing things perfectly.
Conditioning: Fear associated with criticism and judgment.
Conditioning: Fear associated with not meeting expectations.
Conditioning: Fear associated with people putting their attention on me.
Conditioning: Fear associated with rejection
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Need help mahina kasi ako sa inner game 5 years 11 months ago #37702

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thank you pre
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Need help mahina kasi ako sa inner game 5 years 11 months ago #37703

  • babyknight
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get out of your head bro. be present in the moment.
blueprint decoded is good but its very long. watch HYPNOTICAS stuff its good for inner game.
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