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TOPIC: my bootcamp review, a very memorable bootcamp!

my bootcamp review, a very memorable bootcamp! 7 years 5 months ago #31326

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Apologies if it took sometime.

Thank you my officemate Skyradical for introducing me to the Community.

The bootcamp showed me things that I haven't done in my entire life. How I wish I could go back to my teenage years and meet the man, RYU! But whatever. I took the bootcamp to help me find the girl who is right for me. Be it in the club, at a coffee shop, or someone who introduced to me by a common friend.

Bootcamp - Day 1

Ryu talked about the law attraction, vibing, and the Triad of Success.
But what hit me the most was the Triad of Success. i'm 1000% hands down to this because this is about our life. Maverick also joined the team and taught me that 90% of approaching a set is your vibe. And I saw him game an unsuspecting HB when we were in market2x. And damn! Ang galing! I was like, "Shit! this dude is fucking real!"Ryu also said no to focus on the approach and rejection. The most important thing is to undergo the process.

Club Game

Before hitting Republiq, Ryu introduced us to RIA and how she can be used against resisting HBs. I love you RIA. I shall practice with you all the time.

In the club Ryu showed us how it's done. I was again shocked. What a solid frame Ryu has. This dude is legit!

Ryu made me approach HB9s and HB10s with the Camera Opener at sobrang kapal na ng mukha ko nalapitan ko na ung gusto ko pero rejected pa rin. As what expected. rejection to the max ang natanggap ko. haha!

I also learned what sexual fitness is from Ryu. It will increase your attractiveness level. hahaha! Fucking awesome!

Bootcamp - Day 2

Ryu talked about how to make the conversation interesting and not factual. Ryu also taught us that everyone has it's X-Factor and we should focus on it although we can use any kind of style, dance game, NLP game, etc. Our X-Factor will come out eventually. Ryu also said that patience is virtue. Thanks man. I think this is another attitude that I need to learn because I always get aggressive and needy all the time.

Final thoughts:
The bootcamp gave me all the tools I need not just to succeed in women but also in life. Thanks Ryu. You the man! \m/

I also want to thank the people I've met in the community: my batchmates: Skyradical and Cleo, Carebear, Ezra, Jmiah, Maui, Reg, Pinoymodel, and last but not the least ang makulit na Muchas. So many people in the community hindi ko kilala ung iba patawad.


"Everything is hard at first before it is easy."
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my bootcamp review, a very memorable bootcamp! 7 years 5 months ago #31345

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welcome to the pack...

patience is really a virtue. add one ton of massive work and patience will expedite.

cheers brother
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my bootcamp review, a very memorable bootcamp! 7 years 5 months ago #31350

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wahoo.. lapit na bootcamp ko ..

2weeks to go..

congrats bro
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