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TOPIC: Masterclass Testimonial

Masterclass Testimonial 6 years 4 months ago #35432

Name: Richard Matthew F. Abalos

How I discovered X-Arts:
After reading The Game, I suddenly got curious if such community existed here in the Philippines. I searched in Google, and this is the First website I stumbled into.

What made you take Masterclass? Why did you take it?
I saw on the website about a seminar called Masterclass, and it was a month away when I saw it, I just signed up just for the heck of it. Why not right? You only live once ;)

What did you experience from the Masterclass?
I thought at first it was going to be more on Personality Development, but when I attended the seminar, I got a lot more than what I paid for. It was more about seduction techniques, verbal and non verbal.

I was at the seminar with majority of the people who already have first hand experience on picking up women, so that pretty much made me the Neophyte among the group. The program flow did not start smoothly and on time, but what was important was the knowledge and experience the Instructors carry among them. We also had a a chance to apply what we have learned by going to clubs.

What have you learned from the Masterclass?
What I learned during the hands on activity at Republiq Club & Opus is that, no matter how hyped up and prepared you are, you will still experience some Butterflies in your Stomach as the ''Sarging'' starts. It was easier said than done, but in the end, I was able to do things I have never done before.

My goal was to open just one ''set'' for the night, and I was done, but what actually happened to me was, I opened 8 sets, and 8 of them rejected me! I simply just Crashed and Burned. I almost Isolated one Chick but I got too excited and it just failed. Half of those who rejected me did not even let me start and flaked me off like an insect. What was pitiful was some of those who rejected me looked like Gorillas who escaped from the Zoo just to wear a dress and go Partying at a Club. I'll give them a Banana next time, Lesson Learned :D

But at the end of the day, I may have been rejected by 4 Chicks, and 4 Endangered Species, but I went home a winner even if I did not get someone's number or had sexy time, but I got rejected. Never in my life have I experienced being rejected like that. At first I didn't mind the rejection, but it felt like being shot by a Hand Gun, the more you get hit, the more you get weaker until you just simply go down. That was how I felt after those 8 humiliating rejections.

On that night, I swam with Sharks, but waking up after surviving that kind of experience, I just had that funny feeling that I got much stronger and more confident. I am currently fixing my mistakes, from swimming with the sharks to learning how to swim first. I went back to the basics. Love yourself before you love others, they said. ;)

I hope this testimonial will inspire and motivate some aspiring Pick Up Artists and Veterans out there. ;)
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