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TOPIC: Ultimate no Bullsh*t worth the money bootcamp yow

Ultimate no Bullsh*t worth the money bootcamp yow 6 years 1 month ago #37723

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My cousin's crazy about this chick. leaving me with nothing to do, jealous much, I decided to pursue something beyond what The Game by Neil Strauss has to offer: real life experience. searching Google for PUA in the Philippines, it still surprises me that truly everything you need is on the web. After several wasteful hesitations and procrastination, - oh what the hell - I finally enrolled myself to the program.

It was not long before my scheduled date of appointment was I looking forward to what would be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We met at a coffee shop in the Fort where I had the pleasure of meeting some of the community's most talented young stars, gave me insights into what to expect and what life was like for them. then the instructor came and gave us tons of knowledge that was smoothly discussed and very interactive and full of genius perspectives and surprising new ways of looking at this world! No words can express how impressed I am for all this clever and genius ways of making a system out of what I thought was a random-behavior-patterned world.

Then we went out looking for them chiks, I was very reluctant at first, as with everything new, I am not used to this kind of interaction, but that was why I enrolled in the first place right? Not long after, me and my bootcamp mate were rolling and getting all them chiks numbers taking. it was extremely fun and exciting! (all the adrenaline and dopamine rushing to your head) we weren't going for the subordinate women, by the end of the day game, we had a roster of numbers from The quality ladies, the type of ladies you would take home to your mother!haha. It was really an eye opener for me that this was possible!

The night game was similar to that of the day game except for some adjustments, we were still very very successful in our venture, by the end of the night, I was drinking vodka and smiling at all the new contacts on my phone. S.U.C.C.E.S.S.!!!

In between the first and second meetings, I crammed up in my room everyday, studying the articles and reading hundreds of pages of materials so that I can be prepared for our next session.

The next session came and I was more excited than my first day and me and my bootcamp bud were really digging this chik number getting thing, but for this stage, as the intructor came, was not merely for number getting anymore! it was wayyy more than this, it was finishing what we "came" here for! >:) Again tons of knowledge was gained and the whole lecture was beyond awesome. Ryu is for me, like the Stephen Hawkings of getting laid.

We went sarging again and tried very challenging and at the same time very rewarding experiences that developed me as a better person more and more! I now see myself transformed to an ALPHA MALE!!! ROOOAAARRR!!!
I shit you not! by the end of the night, I was sitting in the middle of a semicircular table in one of the hottest clubs in town chatting it up with 10's. If your looking for the path of enlightenment to satisfy the last true mystery in this world.. this is it.
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