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The Grand PUA Summit: NeXt Generation, held recently this November 7, 2009 was a blast!!!

Beginner friendly, madaming natutunan, may bonus pang legal advices.
Siguro next time, pwedeng in between speakers yung sharing ng mga matatagal ng members ng X-Arts. Medyo bitin. Enjoy kasi!!!

Things I was able to observe and absorb from the Nov. 7, 2009 Grand PUA summit and the after party:
> S.V.A. : Skill set - Value - Attitude . . . be the game (from Saint Seducer X)
> The game is like driving, you can learn it. (from Saint Seducer X)
> "Practice makes familiarity". Hindi ko maalala yung exact quote from Nomer, pero yan yung pagkakaintindi ko. (from Saint Seducer X)
> [routine] Ring Magic (from Saint Seducer X)
> Body Language in approaching sets (from SMOOTH)
> Have atleast 2-3 memorized routine (from SMOOTH)
> IOIs (from SMOOTH)
> [routine] Using "For real?" to pro-long a conversation (from SMOOTH... for real?)
> [routine] Wrist-Watch (from SMOOTH... can't wait to read your book!)
> Who's going to pay in the "first" breakfast/lunch/dinner date (from July)
> Eye contact when talking to anybody (from Lia)
> [routine] Tell a life experience (recent or even decades ago) enthusiastically (from Nomer) > How/When can you tell that you're already a Pick-Up Artist? You'll just know! (from Nomer)
> [opener] What's your name? + hand-shake (from everybody)
> [opener] smile + *cheers* (using your drink, bottle or glass) (from Alphaman)
> [opener] smile + *hi-five* (from tank yata.. hindi ko kasi siya na meet sa summit so hindi ko alam kung si tank nga yun >.<)
> I really need to memorize routines.
> Just dance! (from Psy, Master, and July)
> If a friend PUA already opened the set, walk away. Walang AMOGan. (from Nomer)
> SMOOTH wasn't gaming, he's just being himself.
> Madaling lasingin si Master.
> Namumula si Mai kapag lasing at mukha siyang high.
> Feeling ko ang gwapo ko sa loob ng Encore. Pero paglabas ko, cute na lang ulit ako.

hehehehe... peace guys! I'm just happy with all the lessons learned.

'til we meet again.



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