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1. Lots of good stuff from Smooth:
- Newbie Drill, don't be picky. Open all sets whether the girl is beautiful or not. And even if they are old or young. Open even guys.
- DHV "Oh really?! You have the same name as my ex!" LOL
- Misinterpretation (Like she's the one hitting on you)
- Retard stories (sparingly used, this one is GOLD)
- Funny magic (Haha, this one's cool. I could even ask for a kiss here...)

2. July on Dating Etiquette:
- I basically agree with all her tips. I do agree that if you view a girl as mere pleasure, they will view you the same way too. The way i picture myself is as a gentleman PUA (Maginoo pero medyo bastos) hehe...Leave them better than when you found them, right guys?!

3. Ryu's PUA vs. X-arts frame nad Laws regarding Seduction
- Triad of success is true and much nearer to reality. A life filled with Value, a skillset ready to be used and an attitude and Inner Game that's unbreakable are the makings of a MAN. Props to Ryu.
- LOL. One sentence, 18 above and unmarried. Period.

4. Nomer the Charlatan
- Conversational Jujitsu (i have to research this though). The point is to bring the girl from comfort to seduction phase.
- This guy has magic oozing from his skin. Keep up the passion bro. See you in field.


Yeah! Seeing Smooth open immediately and dancing closely with a girl made me think to myself "Game on!". I just love the crowd there. Felt the vibe and lifted my state by just having fun. Psy (Gabs) you're one cool guy. Keep that charismatic and friendly aura. Nomer, the guy with a cool skillset and value for girls to come in his life. Respect to you bro, girls do scream when they see magic! Thanks to the accomodating July. Girl your my older sis from now on. LOL. I was surprised to suddenly see Ryu giving me a drink while i'm with a girl. I realized that's DHV (social alignment). Ryu and the X-arts crew have good team play. Smooth talked to the girl and DHV'd me too. I was like "Man, these guys are doing my job for me." Hahaha...Props! Props and props again. After this, i realized that the PUA community isn't just for acquiring skillset and attitude. It's a brotherhood. A brotherhood where we watch each others back and lift each other in and out of field. We are wings to each other. Respect and see you all again!


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