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Still a working mind if my testimonial be a little bit abstract for now. hehe.


A modern day Socratic method applied into the pickup setting, the X Arts takes you to the very core of the pickup arts: Attitude.

The X Arts deconstructs your previous knowledge and prejudice toward your experience of the game: whether it be self-taught experience, acquired knowledge through the various PUA literature, or advice from PUAs alike. It involves X's own strategies, stereotype methods, bread-and-butter routines; but are treated more as leverage to your game, rather than as a manual to abide with. These are incorporated and reconstructed congruent to your personality. X's method of question-lecture-field test combined with his endless amount of energy, creates an infectious euphoria that leaves you with the impression that what the X Arts is teaching is very personal and real. The lessons are not static, but more dynamic and evolving. But the most important idea that the X Arts leaves you with is that you are an empty canvas; you are your own game. And as long as you understand the principles of the X Arts, you cannot go wrong.

Things I've learned personally from the X Arts:
1. Using what you know congruent to your personality improves game.
2. Auto-seduce! You can't reason a girl into having sex with you.
3. Wingmanship/Wingwomanship as an effective tool.
4. My perceived Value and how to utilize it efficiently.
5. Always be eager to learn even if you've mastered your craft.
6. Body language and the power of emotion during conversation.
7. Time distortion. (Time Space Warp).
8. Clubs and Befriending the bouncers.
9. How to handle the Bitch Test.

Thanks to X, charlatan and the others who've helped me with my realizations in PUA. Hope to sarge with you guys more often!


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