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I hit the clubs again this time with the so-called Wolfpack; sounds like a myth!

First day, Ryu asked what I was wearing so he can spot me. Approaching, several meters away, I instantly knew that this was the guy. He keeps that special aura every time we go out. A master of delivery, he can build attraction from any angle, unbelievable energy. Talks to you no nonsense; those topics that feeds me up for what I am morphing myself into. Direct openers may be a bit worn out, but Nomer will stage his material so crafty the target will surely qualify, so as those who watches him, then seduction ensues.. size is helpless haha!

In a single night, my false beliefs were dispelled. These guys are real! A great investment, ain't just a PU, its everything in life..that makes me think I'm a part of something much worthy.

You guys rock!


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