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Here it goes... Sorry, quite lengthy...

I admit, I was hesitant to spend on this bootcamp. It's like admiting that you're a loser, that you suck and you just can't get the women that you want, always the spectator and never the player. I mean, what kind of wuss would spend that much on a bootcamp wherein these lessons should be known to man anyways. Plus, I already knew a number of the stuffs that was mentioned during the Summit. But I was able to overcome my ego and still try it out. I gathered enough strength (and money of course hehehe) to take this bootcamp. I was strong enough to admit that I was weak, that, for me, takes courage to admit.

After the bootcamp, I didn't have any regrets taking it. Let me try to explain...

There are tons of things to learn from. From improving your inner game to developing your outer game through tons of PUA skills. Day 1 composes mostly of lecture and demonstration skills by X and Charlatan, plus Psy as backup instructor (Thanks Psy!). They teach you first how to develop your inner game and then later on, shows you how easy it is to open and approach once you have a solid inner game. Day 2 also composes of lecture but we're now put to the test on the field and see how much did we learn.

What I find great about the bootcamp:
- They shared their skill sets that are easy to use and you can immedialety use. Once I started using them, I just found out how easy it is.
- They demonstrated how they use these skillsets.
- They sarged with you and gave feedback about your game, acknowledging your strenghts and gave points for improvements.
- They act as your wingman and guided you throughout the sarge and the bootcamp as a whole.
- And last, but for me the most important thing that they thought, was how to develop your attitude or inner game. I like the part that they give more weight and emphasis on this rather than on skillsets. If there is one topic that we should never forget on this bootcamp is that on developing a positive attitude. This mindset will not only help us improve our game but will also improve our outlook and perspective in life as well. The instructors never tried to impose their style on you, but rather help you bring out the best that is in you all these time.

I always knew about these information, but I was never able to put them in order or never composed them into organized thoughts and ideas that can be easily conveyed to others. Once I had them, my confidence level increased and by the end of the bootcamp, approaching women became easier.

I wished there was just some kind of handouts or reading materials to constantly remind us on how to improve our inner game. It would also help if there's a list of commonly used skillsets that could easily be learned. It could also serve as a guideline in case we would forget them. And last, it would also be great if there would be something like a 2nd course to further improve the art of seduction. What I noticed for this bootcamp is that it is more focused on building Attraction, but how do you proceed from Attraction to Seduction, the dating game, Day2 and so on. I could imagine that would be fun!

Nevertheless, overall the bootcamp was awesome! Towards the end of the bootcamp, I was like high on drugs. I was able to open a number of women and number closed some of them. Never have I opened such numbers on a single night!

One important lesson that I would also like to share to everyone is that, we should also be consistent and continue to improve our game, through developing positive attitude. We should not be contented with just these skills that we have acquired.

I would highly recommend you guys to take this bootcamp. We all invest in a lot of things, cars, house, jewelry, gadgets, business, etc. But what good are these things if you dont have anybody to share it with right? What's the use, what's the point? I believe one of the most important investments should be for ourselves, for us to develop our social and communication skills, that would lead to the most important investment on earth, and that is in relationships.

Till then Good Luck and God Bless! =)


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