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“All the so-called "secrets of success" will not work unless you do.”
- Anonymous 






Amira was asked about the effectiveness of the X Arts Boot Camp. And here's her answer.


It's never the skillset. It’s the player. A guy can be given top-secret-state-of-the-art military weapons but its use is dependent on him, pwede ka [sic] bigyan ni Ryu ng "training", ng edge and ng restricted-your-eyes-only weapons but the results vary dependent on the person. Some military personnel (SEALS) can be thrown into the harshest weather environments with nothing but a pocket knife and they'll still find a way to adapt and survive. Throw in a regular Average Joe with all the equipment, supplies and food (and you'll still see him struggle to survive under the same conditions).


How badly do you want it? More importantly, WHY do you want it? Numbers game lang ba? Sleep with as many women as there are minutes in a day? Question goes back to you: bkit mo nga ba natanong? I actually wanna know why you asked that question? What is pick-up to you? I have utmost respect and belief for X Arts and what it stands for, it's more than just PUA and brotherhood..... It’s about taking the first step towards self-mastery. When you achieve exponential success with women, you'll come to a point where you're really happy in life and you just wanna extend your happiness, your fulfilment and your ability to make shit happen...... to other people. I believe in Ryu and the boot camps so much so that am willing to pay for your enrollment, one condition: give me a strong, enough reason bkit interesado ka sa pick-up? No strings attached, simple as that.


Ryu Fta if am not mistaken, 10k ang bootcamp? lol kaso am short pa on cash, probably mga Feb. You ok with that?




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