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“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” 

― Truman Capote




You already know that X Arts had earned the respect of local clients all over the Philippines. The outcome is successful Filipino Alpha Males seducing the hottest women. What you don't know is we are sought after by foreign clients, as well, from North America, South East Asia, and Canada. Here's one of my personal favorites. From a British client to an adopted brother, Tom Graham nailed his boot camp like a pro.


SINfully yours,



Hey guys, as a newcomer to the community, and having just done Ryu’s boot camp myself, Ryu asked me to give you guys my thoughts about day 1.


To give you a bit of background, I came across the PUA world through a mate of mine living in Beijing a few months back... It sounded interesting then, but I guess I wasn’t motivated enough at the time to find out more. Then after I got screwed over by a Spanish chic I was really into (she got it on with a French friend of mine in front of my face) I finally felt compelled to do something about my underachievement with women.


You see, I’ve generally been able to get girls, but very, very rarely the sort of girls I actually genuinely like. I always settled for those that made themselves available to me. I guess everyone comes into PUA for different reasons, well mine is not simply to fuck as many girls as possible, but to become a lot more confident with girls I’m properly attracted to. Giving me better chances of settling down with a really worthwhile chic at some point in the future.

Anyway, we met up at Alabang mall (Starbucks) on sat afternoon, and after a seminar from Cleo on the basic principles, we headed into the "field". The aim was to directly approach different girls in the street.


I guess everyone comes into PUA for different reasons, well mine is not simply to fuck as many girls as possible, but to become a lot more confident with girls I’m properly attracted to. Giving me better chances of settling down with a really worthwhile chic at some point in the future.


I must admit I was a bit nervous at first, but unbelievably the first girl I approached I got her number. Still, I came back down to earth with my second approach, as she pretty much ignored me. Still, Cleo was saying that you learn more from failure than through victory, and with this “crash and burn" moment.


I learnt a lot- that I was way too timid, didn’t get her attention before approaching, and was far too self-conscious during the whole exchange. Also, I learnt that it’s not the end of the world if you do get blown out… who gives a shit at the end of the day?


Also, I then saw some of the other PUAs in action, doing day game and getting numbers (was particularly impressed with OJ’s aura reading approach (quite funny!) and Ryu too for getting a number after just 20 secs).. I guess I realised “this shit really works!”



Later in the day we went to a club. For the first time in a long time, I was really encouraged to get out of my comfort zone and we ended up just approaching loads of women. I tried to put in practice some of the techniques I was taught, and though I didn’t do everything that well, I did get results (quite a few numbers, and various girls showing they were interested… some were quite hot!). I had quite some fun introducing myself to girls: “the name’s tom, but you can call me “tom-morow”.. haha)



Eventually, I ended up chatting more at length with this Iranian chic. She was pretty hot, had a model’s body and quite exotic looking. Maybe an 8 out of 10?! Although she was showing a fair bit of interest, I left her for 30 mins and when I came back, she was being chatted up by another guy. The “Tom” of the past would have given up but Ryu encouraged me not to, saying that I had to be more assertive and make my presence more felt around her. I definitely wouldn’t have done this on a normal night out, but this time I ended up going for it… the results were pretty cool. She made it immediately clear that she wanted to be with me, not him, and Ryu suggested I separated her from the group/her friends by going for something to eat. We ended up doing this, although in the end we went to another club instead (time in Makati Ave). Eventually, we headed back to mine around 7am (for another “Breakfast”! haha) and ended up having quite a bit of sexy time… she left mine at 11:30 in the end!

Overall, it was a really fun day and I enjoyed my mentors’ company. I liked the fact that the other guys seemed to support me, and want me to succeed. It was a nice environment, not competitive as I thought it might be, and made PUA seem like fun. I still have a lot to learn, and putting this stuff consistently into practice will be the tough part. But seeing the kind of results you can get, I see that it’s definitely worth it!



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