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“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” 

― Ann Voskamp





Been busy for a while, may come late but:

Rather than asking a buddy to teach you to play a single song in a guitar, why not learn the basics of playing the guitar so that you can play various songs.

This was the way I put one of the many things I learnt hanging out (including time of my boot camp) with Ryu and the rest of the crew.

I was motivated then by 3 things to take the boot camp:

1. Self-improvement/empowerment
2. Brotherhood
3. Lay my current girlfriend


Two main reasons I go to the club; (1) have fun-fun-fun with my brothers and (2) of course, meet women.

As for same night lay, my rate is Zero. Why? Because for some reasons and hard wiring I feel guilty to push through seduction cause of my current relationship.
I could but I won't!!! (weh? haha)

If I chode out (which rarely happens, sa lakas kong toh?, jowk hihi) and ended up having no HB in my arm, I'm still glad, cause fo sho me and my co-sargers/brothers had fun.


Now, as for the 3 motivations above:

1. Self-improvement: check
2. Brotherhood: check
3. Lay my current girlfriend: eks

I didn’t lay my girlfriend, I made love with her (and they call it looooooooooooooo-ooooooooooove....)

Allow me to say thank you brothers and sisters. My association with you had given me many rewarding and invaluable experiences that I would always be grateful for. Thank you for having greatly increased my knowledge about "the game" and life in general. I wish X arts and everyone success on all their endeavours (resignation letter?.? dafuq...)

-Singko Gwapo™




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