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“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 

― Albert Einstein




"If you commit to everything I teach you, and do what I ask you to do, you will gain tremendous amounts of improvements in the game, far better than any program - PUA-related or non-PUA-related (like John Robert Powers, MLM or Real Estate Training, etc.) - you might find ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD."

This is true, even outside seduction. Just this Saturday I've been to a web developer society meeting and approached the people there confidently. I shared my ideas and had one company give me funding and workforce to make this web idea I have after inviting me to their office.

They said the way I approached them was so good and that they thought I had special MLM training, which I said I do not. They thought I was a natural they even gave an offer to give me seats as an Operations Manager along with being Vice President of the department for the project idea I gave them. And this is closing a deal in 2 days of meeting.

As for girls, the reason I'm inactive is that I'm busy and I have a few fbs now so sex isn't really a problem anymore. I don't go to sarge events much either since I just sarge people I meet that I find attractive.

The boot camp lessons were one of the things that really helped to get me to blast through girl's resistance, and be a confident conversationalist. It's very much worth more than its price.


- MarkChristian


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