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 "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol





I like him when he’s sober. But I adore him when he’s drunk. Popo has been in the community long before X Arts enjoyed its prominence. Back when Pick UP (PU) in the Philippines was fairly new and emerging, Popo surged into the game like a hungry pup together with aspiring Pick UP Artists (PUAs). He is a pioneer here in the Philippines and he sarged with the young community. Popo’s eyes were opened and he realized he was not where he belonged. He took the boot camp with Ryu. And hence, his legend began.


Apart from teaching me the value of Social Circle Game, Popo made one of my convictions echoed for eternity – "drinking is fucking fun." So here's the one of the most exciting boot camps ever conducted by Ryu. This was the night when X Arts stole the hard-to-get women from desperate men... And left them wanting for more.


SINfully yours,




A Review Of The Private Bootcamp

By Popo


Well here it is. A straight review of the the system that X Arts teaches.

What I like about this system is flexibility and allowing your strengths to shine whether you want to follow a more systematic approach or a more free flow kind of system when it comes to building your skills in what is now called gaming. X arts allows you to explore what you would like to apply or try. The group is very diverse yet all of them can co-exist with each other. You are free to pick what would best apply to you or what you would like to try and drop what you don't need.

More important to that is the attitude and this is where the system shines behind every system is an attitude and without the attitude the skill sets come out as weak. Ryu teaches you winning habits and that is quite rare to find with other school's of thought.

Ryu will tell you what you need to hear and would not tell you feel good stories and speeches to pump you up that would make you good for the night and then after the adrenaline and feel good vanishes you are back to stage 1 but he would make you go straight into the field make you experience what you need to experience and grow your social muscles.

As for his skills I had my doubts. Does this guy sound as good as he is on paper?
Until I saw it right straight into my face. Now I know why this guy gets crap from his competitors it's because he knows what he is doing. It was the 3rd night I was hanging out with him for a continuation of what he is showing me. Now, yes a 1on1 with him is just 2 days but he had back pains on our 2nd night and immediately scheduled a 3rd night for us without me needing to mention it. Now, that, folks, is how a professional handles it.

Anyway back to my story it was our 3rd night my good friend Miguel and I decided to drink a little just for fun since it was early to hit the clubs. We were already with Ryu and Nomer but they were talking to some people regarding business. We went to Toyz there was 1 whole group of girls drinking in 1 table and the rest of the tables are guys. Hurricane and I decided to chill for a while just to observe the logistics and the dynamics that is going on. There was a huge group of drinking guys with one girl and they were 1 by 1 approaching the seated group of women with their very own wing girl. X and charlatan arrive and we show them what's happening.


"Ryu will tell you what you need to hear and would not tell

you feel good stories and speeches to pump you up that would

make you good for the night and then after the adrenaline and

feel good vanishes you are back to stage 1, but he would

make you go straight into the field, make you experience what

you need to experience, and grow your social muscles."


We chill and watch what's happening and mind you guys this is a high pressure approach. The girls already have inflated ego's or their self-esteem was already up that night thanks to 10 guys that already approached them. Some more people from X Arts meet with us led by Blaize (I think). Ryu and Nomer devised a way to open the girls, then attacked. Now again, let me mention this is a very high pressure set because everyone is watching and it's make it or break it since Ryu is also showing a demo with an inquiring client. The rest was like poetry in motion. Ryu opens the group and grabs their attention and respect. Nomer enters the group as well and blows their mind. Ryu brings some of the girls to us. I attack as well. Then game over. Everyone was talking with someone. The group of women was broken and like everyone was isolated. The drinking people were all shocked of what happened talk about mad social proof right there.

The girls want us to party with them but we had plans of our own as well so when it was time to go we left and it's obvious the girls want to go with us but we left them because that is our choice. So everyone who wanted to close already did what they needed to do and then we all left. Now, that was just the start of our night. We still went to Ascend and there are things that happened there as well but I feel this is too long already to elaborate. I think one story is adequate.

All right so if you want to invest in Ryu here are some points to consider.


  • He is genuine from what I have experienced so far ( this is a big thing for me).
  • He does not pretend he knows everything and will immediately tell you where he came from.
  • No bullshit things to tell you that are only designed to make you feel good for the night.
  • Allows you to grow on your own strengths and acknowledges that we have our differences.
  • He will suggest to you things to improve on your life that are practical and can be applied immediately without needing to make drastic changes like quitting your job or spending huge loads of cash in order to fit cool things in your life.
  • Practical skills and proactive habits to form with simple and easy to understand ways on how to do it.
  • How to have the right attitude and how to learn game.
  • Skill sets of course and the right attitude behind the skill set.
  • He will put you out of your comfort zone but he will ease your way into it as compared to diving in just to crash and burn shitless or to make you fantasize that you don't need to do anything but have fun and spend then voila women will knock on your door.
  • You get the women of your choice not women you are forced to like because that is your only choice.


He is late!!! 

Presenting in an organized fashion is not his strength because he prefers to teach in a casual way so sometimes he would be lost or he would forget things.

I brought a notebook but it would be nice if I could get some notes as well or a pdf or something to help me remember after all you can only write so much.

If you think he is a pua god that would solve all your problems you might be disappointed. I am only placing this just in case someone has an unrealistic expectation thinking this is a magic pill.


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