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"Even the knowledge of my own fallibility cannot keep me from making mistakes. 

Only when I fall do I get up again."

- Vincent Van Gogh





Golden tricks, treasured values, and mind-blowing gems. All swiftly acquired and packed in by the only and only, FlashGordon,


SINfully yours


If You Want To Learn To Swim Jump Into The Water

by FlashGordon


In one scene of the movie, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, a young Bruce Lee is seen working as a dishwasher for a Chinese restaurant in America. After getting into a fight with a co-worker over a pretty waitress, Bruce receives his pay check in advance from his Chinese boss and tells him:


“I put you in the kitchen, wash dishes to pay back loan, by that time you’re no longer young, you’re no longer handsome. You’re nothing but a dish-washa.That’s one choice, there are others. They say an education is good. Hmm. I’ve heard that. Personally, I hope you go with April, cause I could always use a good dish-washa!”


Let’s face it. Most of us are like the young Bruce Lee: full of potential yet living a less than extraordinary life. We do the same mundane routine day in and day out. We avoid surprises and stick to our comfort zones. But sometimes we get an opportunity to change our present situation. At that moment, we have to make a choice whether to invest in ourselves and change our lives for the long term or spend our money in the short term and become good dishwashers.


For me, the boot camp was one of those opportunities to get an education.


I first learned about pickup (PU) and the art of seduction from the book, The Game, by Neil Strauss. After that initial eye-opener, I searched the internet for other articles, books, videos and audio related to the game of seduction. During my free time, I read stuff about the Mystery Method, David DeAngelo’s cocky-funny, NLP, etc. I watched videos of pick-up artists doing day/night/club games. All of this was very entertaining and I learned a lot about game. But even though I knew what the game was about, I did not really understand it.


I thought that if I could learn enough about PU from books, articles and videos, then it would be easy for me to perform them in the field. If I had memorized the openers, the step-by-step methods from opening, to mid-game, to closing, then my success would be guaranteed. However, no matter how much I read pick-up from books and articles, and watched from videos, I could not convince myself that it would work for me. And with this doubt in my mind, I couldn’t get myself to do actual pickup.


I stumbled across X Arts by accident. I heard about it on the radio several months ago. Then, a few months ago I started checking the website. When I learned about the boot camp they were offering, I was very curious. I thought of it as chance to get some real experience on the art of pickup. Self-study just didn’t work for me. I wasn’t going anywhere. I knew I needed help from a master, and from a community that was in the same boat as I am. So I decided to take the risk and join the boot camp.


Here is my experience:




After weeks of procrastination, I finally contacted X about joining the boot camp. The problem was, the boot camp was only day away! The normal registration time should be 4 or more days before the scheduled camp. But I was just lucky enough to get a slot at the last minute. I thought it was fate.


Unlike other boot camps, this one was a consecutive 2-day (Sat-Sun) BC. This is because one of the other clients was coming from a far off province. I was going to the camp with two others.


Before the boot camp, X asked me to perform some preliminary activities, such as filling out a questionnaire, memorizing key concepts and some hand signals. That was one of the few times where I enjoyed memorizing material. After that, I took a good night’s rest, as I would really need it in the coming days.




The meeting place was in Bonifacio High Street in the afternoon. X and Charlatan were the instructors. I was with two other boot camp recruits. First activity was a review of some key terms and the hand signals for sarging. I learned the foundational concepts and how the hand signals would be used.


After the review, we went to the field for a little warm up. Since there was a car show nearby, the first exercise was to walk around and ask at least 5 people on the way how to get to the car show. It wasn’t exactly pickup, but at least it got as into the mood of opening up sets. Interestingly, people gave different directions to the car show, so I ended up asking the guard for confirmation.


On route to the show, X taught me the ALPHA WALK which was a confident way of walking. I realized that my walk was kind of goofy. The alpha walk was a way to create a good first impression.


The car show was pure eye candy. I didn’t know whether I should focus my attention on the tricked out cars or on the hired guns (models). I practiced the alpha walk while touring the show. Charlatan taught us some story openers, while X was checking the logistics. We didn’t do PU here because logistics were no good, so we transferred to Mall of Asia (MOA).


When we got to MOA, X gave a lecture on RIA (reframe, ignore, accept) and state of certainty/uncertainty. We then went around for the next activity, which was a pickup demonstration by X and Charlatan. Charlatan opened up a two-set with some mind tricks while X was the wing. The girls were immediately hooked! They kept on smiling and laughing as if smitten by some sort of magic spell.


X left the set and got me into a conversation with one of the ladies. The girl approached and asked me to contribute a donation to Unicef. I told her “I’m quite hungry right now, maybe next time.” It wasn’t a very interesting line, but it was the truth. Then, for some reason she asked me, “Can you also read my mind?” For lack of a better line, I just told her, “I’m trying to read your mind, but I’m hungry right now, so everything is cloudy.” It seemed that we were both in a state of uncertainty.


We left and got something to eat in the food court. We talked for a while about non-PU related stuff. After a hefty meal, we passed by the SM Department store for another round of pickup. Charlatan demonstrated a magic opener, and some familiar openers such as the U-shape, C-shape smile, and the
“your nose wiggles when you talk opener.” These are things that I had read on the internet, but never thought could be applied in the context we were in! I was just amazed how Charlatan was able to execute it smoothly. Next, Charlatan decided to go to the lingerie section. He did what I would call a lingerie opener. He asked the saleslady some questions, which contained sexual overtones. This was a demonstration of how to insert sex into the conversation.


Our next stop was LAX night club. We settled outside of Hooters, waiting for the other members of the wolf pack. X gave another activity to get us psyched up for the club game. The task was to do different creative high-fives while saying a different pick up line. It was a fun game that warmed us up to talking and doing high fives. We entered Hooters for another lecture on the real meaning of attraction, RIA, and the triad of success.


As we were about to enter the club, the bouncer stopped us and told as that there was going to be a fee of 250php because there were some VIPs attending. Normally, we would’ve gotten in for free. We thought about transferring to a different club, but it may be too far and a waste of time so we decided to pay the entrance fee. I had not been to a club in years. It was a culture shock. The energy level was a lot higher than in the mall and there were a lot of beautiful girls.


The first objective was to get comfortable in the club. X told us to chill, relax and vibe. I couldn’t dance so I just did what the others were doing. X decided to demonstrate the club game by opening a 2-set. Then, he went back to us and said that in the club, your energy level should be higher, you should speak louder because of the music. Sometimes, you just have to rely on body language and use some simple hand gestures to get your point across. I realized the purpose of the hands signals that I memorized the day before.


I was just chilling with Psy when he signalled that I should open a set. I went around checking the logistics, looking for a girl who was already having a good time. I managed to overcome my Approach Anxiety (AA) and approached the girl. I successfully opened and we started dancing. It was the first time I had picked up a girl, and it was fun. I thought she was going to push me away when I wrapped my arms around her, but she didn’t. A limiting belief was broken.


I opened another 2-set, which became a moving 1-set because the other girl left. I waited for the girl to pass by. She looked like she was in a hurry. I tapped her on the shoulder and gave the opener. Then, I introduced myself and she did likewise. She left quickly so I didn’t get the number.



"I went around checking the logistics, looking for a girl who was already having a good time. I managed to overcome my Approach Anxiety (AA) and approached the girl. I successfully opened and we started dancing. It was the first time I had picked up a girl, and it was fun. I thought she was going to push me away when I wrapped my arms around her, but she didn’t. A limiting belief was broken."



After the club game, we reviewed what just transpired in the club. We talked about what we could have done better. X gave us a briefing regarding Day 2.




For day 2, we were going to focus on day and night game. I didn’t get much sleep as I got home in the early morning. The meeting place was in Trinoma. I got there relatively early. Charlatan was the first to arrive. While X and the others were not yet around, Charlatan taught me some date game and coffee shop routines. After some talk regarding Charlatan’s background we decided to start the day game. We went to Landmark to perform openers on sales ladies. Charlatan approached the sales lady in the watch section and started with the Lucky face opener. Then, he transitioned to doing a magic trick where he stopped the second hand of a watch at 9 o’clock. I don’t know how he did it but it was amazing. The sales lady was thrilled.


Charlatan tested some perfumes, putting one on each arm. Then, he taught me the “Which smells better” opener. I tried performing that opener on a sales lady and got a good reaction.


We went to Starbucks (top-level) to meet with X and the others. It was already night time. X and Charlatan demonstrated the night game by opening a mixed 4-set (1 guy, 3 girls). X was winging Charlatan. They managed to enter the set, and Charlatan did some magic tricks. It turned out that they had opened one of the girls before. Nevertheless, they still managed to demonstrate some key ideas regarding opening and winging, which involves quite a bit of planning and teamwork.


Although hadn’t eaten dinner yet, we decided to begin the night game. We went to the area between Trinoma and SM North Edsa. We talked for a while regarding strategies. It seemed that at some point we needed to split up so that the sets wouldn’t recognize us being together. Then we opened some sets.


Then, X told me to approach a 4-set, which had already been pre-opened by one of my companions. I asked the girls few logistical questions (Where do you work? How do you know each other?). Then I suddenly ran out of things to say and got mid-game anxiety. I realized that openers were not as difficult as transitioning to mid-game. Before leaving the set, Charlatan managed to get the number of a really cute HB.


We decided to leave the area and get eat a late dinner in West Avenue. On the way, X asked some non-PU related, open ended questions about anything. He was indeed a very sociable guy. He told us that those were the kind of questions that you should ask: open-ended and interesting. When we got to the restaurant, we did a short review of the day. Charlatan shared a funny story about some healing stones from Bethlehem.


After sharing some more stories, X gave us our assignments, and explained how it would help us develop the three personas: the Ghost, the Flame and the Wave. He formally closed the camp, and welcomed us as members of the wolf pack.




The boot camp was awesome! I learned a lot from X, Charlatan, and the other wolves. I realized that the PU techniques I read in books and articles could actually be adapted and applied in my own context. But it requires something extra the X factor in order to pull it off correctly. The great thing about the X Arts approach is that it doesn’t just focus on techniques, but on principles. You could learn a thousand routines, but how do you apply them? It’s better to learn the principles and develop your own routines, which express your own uniqueness and which you could pull-off without appearing canned or scripted. Also, it’s not just about becoming a PUA. It’s about becoming a real social person.


X was really good at explaining abstract concepts in a simple and memorable way. His explanations were very down-to-earth and practical and he was very enthusiastic. I particularly liked the way he explained attraction using a water bottle and a glass. You could feel his energy and passion when you have a conversation with him. Charlatan was also really good at demonstrating the various routines. He doesn’t just tell you how it’s done, he shows you. The other X Arts members were also very helpful and supportive, because they also went through what I was going through.


I liked the post-camp assignments. They were both fun and challenging. There are only so many things you can learn in two days, so the assignments helped supplement the learning process.


I would recommend the boot camp to anyone who wants to learn how to have better relationships with women and with people in general. The knowledge you gain will last you a lifetime. Note that the boot camp is really just the starting point on the journey to becoming a more attractive person. Don’t expect to go in the boot camp and come out as a modern-day Casanova. Do expect to learn a lot and gain a new perspective. Ultimately, each person’s boot camp experience will be unique.


“If you want to learn to swim jump into the water. On dry land no frame of mind is ever going to help you. -Bruce Lee”



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