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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear.”
― Mark Twain





Boot Camp Review by Axeman 

Ok, em sorry kung I won’t do this testimonial in English, because I am not comfortable in that language..

Dati, pagkatapos kong mabasa ang the GAME and memorize all the routines, sabi ko,, madali lang yan, pero each time na may HB sa tabi ko, I really can’t do what I have memorized before. Natatameme ako, and then she's gone forever. Akala ko, ganun lang kadali un, So I decided na mag hanap ng gaya ko di2 sa Pinas.. and then I got here sa X-arts and I have decided to enroll the BC to sharpen what I have studied. 


Day 1

The TOS really amaze me, this is not only useful in my game, but also in every aspects of my life. Before, nagbabasa lang ako ng mga seduction books, akala ko ok na ang lahat, pero this should include body language, false time constraint, diffuser,, and many more.. haha..

After the lesson given by RYU and NOMER, Ryu ask me to open the 2 set of HB10 and HB9, sabi ko,, kaya ko, pero habang humahakbang ako papalapit, para akong nag kaka diarrhea, then I realize that when approaching a set, just forget the outcome basta ang kelangan mo muna ma accomplish is to open.. then saka mo isipin ang next move.. dyan na lessen ang AA ko..

On day 1, I have been rejected by 20 groups of set. But fortunately, naka number close ako ng tatlo.. hahah!!

So what kung reject nila ako!! atleast I have results.. kaysa naman sa wala.. and Wolf are there to help me troubleshoot that.

It was good men!


Day 2

Then, napractice ko naman ang different types of approach, I like opinion opener because, I think it is smooth. So I have decided to forget the Direct approach. I open successfully a 2 set just for practice and I # close it.

Parang pati ako naninibago na sa sarili ko eh,, dati tahimik ako sa club, sumisipat ng magaganda, hahaha,, ngaun papasok ako at makikipag kilala,, yah, there is still a little AA but, Its ok,, just a little more practice and I know I will be good!

Hahahaha!! cant wait na mag club..


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