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"The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
- Nelson Mandela


Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror,

victory however long and hard the road may be;

for without victory, there is no survival.

- Winston Churchill





This is a very special review.

SPEAR was pursuing his degree in Medicine in the US. He was the guy who was left by his semi-fiance. No message of any sort arrived from her to him. For 6 months SPEAR thought the girl was just busy. At least, that's what he wanted to believe. He later found out she had was, all along, having a different affair. SPEAR went out to make women cry, with hits and misses. He went home to the Philippines. In its most unusual way, he met Nomer The MindMaster Lasala in a club. In his own words, he went for the boot camp with Ryu in a heartbeat. And this was the boot camp when Ryu's Wolfpack pulled more than 12 girls, WHO NEVER MET BEFORE IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES, and had breakfast with the guys responsible for their presence - the Wolfpack.

How do I know this you asked? It was the first night I met the WOLFPACK.

And about SPEAR, well, let's just say he put all the revenge and hatred in his heart to the thrash bin, flew back to the States, became a topnotch Doctor, and never made any girl cry... at least those weren't tears Tongue Out

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SINfully yours,


Who Am I Before:

I am Spear, a man very much wounded and torn from the sharp edge of a long term relationship of 5 years. It was a long distance set up that maximized the AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) out of me. She was a nurse/model (and a definite HB 10), and I was her assistant/secretary/driver/bodyguard/kusinero/ nurse / doctor. In short everything.

I was the type of person who would go against the odds of a long distance thing and eventually end up getting married to the said HB (we were already talking about engagement before she left). Two years apart spent with her was that long distance relationship. Endless amounts of load and emails were invested for that (literal nag hirap ako), thinking that it will all be enough for me to maintain what we have. During one instance when we talked over the phone, suddenly, the theme became different. .. She was arguing with me about some weird nonsense, then a feeling of a sharp knife stabbed me in the back of my head making that little voice talk to tell me that something was wrong. But the bone-headed AFC in me overruled and told me that I’m thinking too much and I should ignore that instinctual feeling.

For 6 months no call or text from her, but it was all ok for me. For I was thinking that she’s really working hard for our future (of course delusional feelings)…until I received an email from her closest friend that I’ve been living a big lie ever since she got there. Out of pity, she told me the truth that she already had somebody else for that long (pathetic).

Torn, depressed and angry, from that day on, I then decided to continue my halted life and pursue my career in medicine in the US.

In the US:

I was driven to finish a dream and at the same time divert the anger that I was nurturing from that bad relationship. Saying to myself that when I finish all of these, she better kneel in front of me and beg me to take her back. On one of my trips to San Diego in one of my brod’s house, (a fellow PUA), I stumbled upon his library never realizing that I would see the answer. A black book called The GAME is what I found. He just said, “don’t open that bro, its Pandora’s box.” Curiosity, mystery and doubt clouded my head when I opted to lift that book from the shelf. Never thinking that this power will change my life forever.

As I was reading it, flashes of images and memories went in front of my reality, literally slapping me in the face as I turn every page on how I can relate myself with the book. It showed me how a fool I am with women. With this new spark it fueled me to change. The hunger for more spearheaded my fire for revenge against all the HBs (Hot Babe) that will come my way. Now I have a weapon. All of them will go down in flames!

Back in the Phil:

I was on a rampage when I got back (for I already started sarging MM style in the States with my cuz). Not wasting time to apply all the knowledge and skills that I have acquired into action. I was solo sarging in all the places that I can. Raw energy at its best. This is learning pick up the hard and long way. I got my share of results and failures. Until one day, me and my brods went to LAX to party (yun ang akala nila, but it was a time for me to sarge).

There I placed my skills into use. Until there was this set that I opened and then a guy with a fedora hat came in and interrupted me and used the “do you floss before or after you brush” opener on US. Holy S***! My delusion of me as the only PUA in that club just crashed (sayang Maverick di tayo nagkita.hehe). I said to myself, “konti lang yang mga yan.” I then decided to open another set then I suddenly saw myself playing tug of war with this magician for a 2-set. Then I know it was on. I know within the walls of LAX lurks my kind. After finishing the 2 set I met Charlatan and then he told me they were having a boot camp that night. We then number closed each other with mutual respect for our game and parted ways. I went back to my friends really dumb founded and was paranoid about the people around me.

Can I still open sets now? Baka nagamit na ng mga ibang PUA yung opener ko at ma blow out ako. I was in panic mode! But still I enjoyed the night and played the game even though there are things going on in the back of my head. When I went home I was very ambivalent, I don’t know if I was happy or angry that PUAs are around the Metro. I thought it was just a few of us. But one thing’s for sure- I felt safer.

I then started to research on this X Arts as the mentalist mentioned. I found out that they’ve been doing this for quite a while and seeing the forums made me believe that I need to learn more in order to be great. I contacted Charlatan and Ryu and immediately paid for boot in a heartbeat. The thought of them running away with the money was not even part of my thinking (cause i don't really know them). All I know that my instincts told me that it was the best thing to do in order to improve.

During my research in the facebook page I came across my brod in the fraternity, Code, who was a common friend in the site. Then I immediately talked to him about it and we had this conversation that not even our other frat brods could have understood. We were in our own PUA world where I found solace. Then I knew that going into the boot camp was worth it and was highly recommended from the stories I’ve heard from him (small world talaga).

Day 1 Boot Camp:

I was alone during the camp for I was taking the advanced course (with Love Gun sitting in ). We met in fully booked and discussed everything from orientation to my sticking points. There I saw the alpha walk in action in High Street. Approached a seated set with a direct opener in Market Market (na may BF pala na nagtitinda ng fries.hehe) and got reversed number close by a cougar when Charlatan, Love Gun and I were looking at necklaces in the tiangge (Giname ako!haha!). We then went to a car show where Charlatan number closed a hired gun using the lucky face opener. We met with the other wolves and gamed the hired guns in Von Dutch (DeDe! ). There I saw how these women took a beating from the different styles of the wolves on how to get their attention and attraction. Psy also opened a 2 set that we didn’t recognize that he was already asking for a wing (sorry bout that bro). Stayed awhile in Encore, where I saw how the Bethlehem stone charmed all the staff. Charlatan and I then opened the most boring 2-set ever there. Hehe.

After which we decided to jump to LAX where there was an FHM party. There, the real action began, for the place was packed from in and out. I learned dance game and the claw from rabbit. Camera opener and beer bottle toast opener was practiced into perfection. Kiss close left and right. Even up to the last minute I was closing the sets going out of LAX as instructed and assisted by my mentors. Not only that, even when we bounced to Chicken Inasal, I number closed a 2 set who were lesbians. My paper for numbers was all filled up that day, so much that I can't even recall the faces behind the names. In short, I felt the flame. Something that I got from the pack who pushed me to my potentials that night.

Day 2 Boot Camp:

Me and X started the day by going to Fitness First in Rob Ermita (it was also worth mentioning the adrenaline rush we had in the parking area before that.haha!) There we were supposed to meet up with a set that he wanted me to work on but unfortunately she didn’t show up for gym session. But still we had fun working out and gaming the women in the gym (we did aerobics too, pampatanggal ng AA. Hehe ). Then we meet up with Charlatan and ate in the food court. We were working on my sticking points that day - moving sets, direct approach, seated sets and RIAA execution. We were approach machines in the mall (the best opener “saan ang zoo to buy tiger food? Haha!”). Number closed hired guns in Von Dutch (trust me hired guns in VD are the best!), opened mixed moving and single sets, Ryu opened a single set who was a common friend of one of the pivots and Nomer even opened a set of amateur magicians na na-in love pa ata sa kanya.hehe. Even when we were driving to Encore, we stopped at Andok’s just to open a single seated set who was number closed by them (man she was hot).

When we got to Encore we met up with the other wolves. There I saw the Happy Birthday chant go into work ( thanks to the creativity of Love Gun ) on how it created a great DHV spike in the club. I opened sets left and right and even opened a Korean 2 set ( my dream set ). If only they could had understood English I would’ve used NLP on them.hehe. ( To the hot Korean women out there, please learn ENGLISH!!!! Your depriving yourselves from us. hehe ). And when I was about to kiss close my set in isolation then the bouncer came in to cock block me cause we were blocking the way of the people coming in ( pagsinuswerete nga nman talaga ).

Still the flame was on for it was time to bounce to LAX. There Ryu showed me new camera gambits on sets. Nomer mesmerized the crowd again with his magic while the other wolves took over the club. I also had a set that I isolated in the couch where I worked on my sticking point into perfecting my comfort routines (thanks to Ryu and Nomer who isolated the friend ). She was melting at the palm of my hands using the new techniques and gambits from my boot. By the end of the night we just compiled the largest bounce (taking a girl you just met out the club for an instant date) ever to Chicken Inasal. Nomer and I brought our set as well as the other wolves brought theirs. Again I felt the power whenever the pack was there. It was almost wildfire.

In between Boots:

I had my solo sessions with Ryu and Nomer where they taught me the tricks of the trade and debriefings from my boot. There, not only did I get to know them as instructors but also as real people who became my friends. They allowed me to sit in with other boots where I learned staff game and invited me to chill out in clubs ( like Bliss ) with the other wolves and pivots. I also enjoyed the chance when I got to talk to the newbies in field and shared what I have for them to use and relate as I was one myself before. And to tell you the truth these all covered my sticking points, specially day 2s, closing mind set, one night stands, comfort stage, day game, moving sets , direct game, natural game and being a teacher.

At the same time I attended other non sarging events like Taguro’s party and dinners out with the guys. When I joined X Arts I thought it was strictly business and pick up, but when I got myself involved more I found a deeper meaning to all of these in that short span. I just found myself a new family. Just being myself and being accepted for who I am made me feel at home ( I also had one of the best despedida parties with them ). Getting to know the other wolves gave me a glimpse that PUAs are human too. From their stories I realized that this is the pinnacle of guys who worked hard from ground zero to super hero.

Who I am now:

I am Spear a man very much wounded and torn from the sharp edge of a long term relationship of 5 years.. that was before. And now change has dawned. In the past the reason for me running the game was from anger and revenge but with all these experiences i found a better reason - it is holistic self-improvement. It is all about integration of skill set with your everyday at the same time maintaining your life principles and values. A realization that this is a phase that will be encountered and will continue to fight as we live. Went in the boot camp knowledgeable but after went out to the world as wiser. The new and improved me, as a person and as a PUA.

I am now in the US to start the real game of life and was consumed by the world of pick up and thought that it was the only solution to solve my problems. It's temporary but we should understand that pick up is not only about getting women that we desire but it’s about a lifestyle ( achieving your goals in life ) and the well-orchestrated human interactions that we have. My foundation was built well ( especially the lessons I learned from X Arts ) and now it’s time to finish the whole structure and begin the real core value. Thank you to the community (especially Ryu and Charlatan). You have opened doors that I never thought were there. We will see each other again guys (the Wolfpack) and we’ll celebrate like it was the end of Oceans 11. Game on !!!

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