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Remember this: Success has been and continues to be defined as getting up one more time than youve been knocked down.

- Gary Raser, How Winners Are Made




 Here's a guy I really like. Suzaku is the introvert type. He used to have long hair, glasses for his eyesight, and a very obvious inclination to Heavy and Death Metal. But he wanted more. More than the usual. More than what is in front of him. He wanted something more than pain and regrets. He wanted to rise up from the ashes. And he wanted more Heavy Fucking Metal.

He took the X Arts Boot Camp and he became what the gods of metal intended him to be..... a PHOENIX.

SINfully yours,




I would like to thank Ryu X, Charlatan, Axe, Adon, Psy, LoveGun, Carebear, Taguro, and Master for the awesome boot camp experience. Oh! Shin was there too! And Rinoa as well! 

I entered the boot camp as a cold approach newbie, especially in clubs, because I've only done warm approach before. At first I was thinking that I would do cold approach by not thinking too much and just doing whatever Ryu X will say. I was not able to do as I planned. I was totally consumed by AA due to lack of experience and difficulty in having fun in clubs. 

During the lecture on the first day, We (Suzaku, Axe, Adon) received a crystal-clear visual definition of attraction. We’ve also learned some X Arts gestures and skillset from Ryu X and Charlatan.

Because we can’t go to a club on the last day of the boot camp, we had to meet during the night before that. Ryu X told me that I often look emotionless, and gave me an exercise to overcome it. Charlatan gave a lecture on creating sexual tension to make seduction easier. We also learned the new and old versions of X-game in clubs. After that, we went to a club for some demo and practice.

The last day was epic. A lot of interesting things happened (such as the Ryu-Chun Li thingy  ). For me, the most significant was directly opening sets with a goal of getting rejected 5 times. I ejected once, got rejected 3(?) times, and #closed once. I never thought facing rejection could feel awesome.  The last lecture covered Ryu's story from his AFC past, and the things that make the wolves extraordinary seducers and success magnets. This lecture was gold.

What I gained/learned from the boot camp:
1. A deeper understanding of attraction and seduction.
2. New skillset (fun to use  )
3. Application of the triad of success
4. Inner game built on solid foundation
5. Becoming the flame, the ghost, the wave, and the limit breaker
6. Increase of value on different degrees
7. A life-saving "wingwoman" called RIA 
And countless more. Too many to mention. 

The boot camp has a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction, but I see no reason why I should take my payment back. It’s amusing how such a little investment entitles you to a lifetime partnership with people most capable of helping you live a quality life as your best self. In fact Ryu told me after the boot camp, “You entered as a client, but now you are a brod.” Woah! I’m one of the wolves now! 


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