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If I were to describe the bootcamp in one word, that's it. Awesome.

I've seen Saint operate in the field. If you haven't, then you had better step back and re-evaluate your life right now. He's really that good. But I know I haven't seen the best of him yet - that's why I really wanted to be in this bootcamp. I wanted to learn as much as I can from him - what I already know, I wanted to reinforce, what I didn't know, I wanted to learn. I wanted to know the philosophy of the different pick-up gurus - from David DeAngelo to Mystery, from Ross Jeffries to Carlos Xuma, and from Juggler to Saint. Though in my opinion, Saint's philosophies have something in common with those 5, he also has some things which are vastly different from them.

Case in point - the X game. No one, absolutely no one has ever taught that yet aside from him. I wouldn't delve into the details here, but that technique just brings out the alphaness in just about anyone. Before, I would enter the nightclub straight up to the bartender to order a drink, then scan potential sets for pick-up. The problem with that is seduction would only start as soon as I enter into the set. With the X-game, seduction starts even before you engage a set. How's that for a killer technique?

(Note: if you want to learn how the X game works, o unfortunate one, sign up for his next bootcamp. You will learn a lot, I'm telling you)

Another thing which I enjoyed about this is the trial run of our openers on the girl. Ang galing lang, kasi it's like we were being trained first before we blindly go into the field. Yun lang, I wish we had more time for it, because I only got to practice 2 openers, or at least man lang, there were more girls, tas rotation yung mangyari - for example, I would go to the first girl, approach her, then after 5 minutes into the interaction, I close (pwede ba f-close? Hahaha... joke), then I approach a 3-set, tas the next guy would approach the first set so that he can then practice his routines, tapos yung third set is a mixed set naman, and so on and so forth. tapos, sana there would be a breakdown of our approaches, telling us of what to do and what not to do next time. But to his defense, kulang talaga ang 2 weekends. And to his credit, first time nangyari yun! Usually, the instructor would just tell you his stuff in front of the room and then send you straight to the wolves. It's like letting Manny Pacquiao practice on the speed bag, mitts, punching bag, etc, but not letting him have any sparring sessions whatsoever. The first time that we had our sparring session (sa martial arts namin - matagal na nangyari to), I literally froze in the ring. I knew the punches, kicks, takedowns, combos, etc in my head, but seeing my sparring partner - a sparring partner who hits back, and a member of the most elite team in the Philippines, no less - somehow jarred and scared the shit out of me. Ganun din sa pick-up. You may know all the moves, tips and tricks, but actually doing it in the field is oh so different. Now even though I already have the experience (though not as active as the rest of the guys - kaya hanggang ngayon wala pa rin akong LR! Hahaha... me AA pa nga rin ako e), I could still learn a lot from seeing how different guys approach. It's like having a video of how your next opponent fights, so you can see what you should and shouldn't do next time. Again, props to this, Saint!

Note to the future PUA's who would hold their next bootcamp and use that idea: invite niyo ako a? Pero sana as a guest na pwede rin mag practice sa mga sample sets. It was my idea anyway. Hahaha...

Overall, I highly recommend his bootcamp. This is something which both newbies and masters alike would benefit from. A lot. If ever he would hold another bootcamp, I would definitely attend it again.

Pero guest na lang Saint ha? Hahaha...

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