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Electric beat me in using my one word adjective but that was what the bootcamp was, awesome.

I actually had the chance to meet Ryu the day before bootcamp and he was giving me a talk on the PUA lifestyle. Mind you he was plastered drunk at the time(OK I probably exagerate) and still pretty much the 2nd coolest guy in the club (I was the coolest, hehe... mindset boys something Nash, Verne and St told me). He has great vibe, oh and be prepared for really strong slaps on the back when he greets you.

The bootcamp covered a lot of topics, and I mean a lot, I'm not sure if the next bootcamp will be structured like the one we attended but one who attends St's bootcamp would be better served bringing a small notebook and pen to jot down important discussion points.

The X-Game and XXX were the highlights of the bootcamp, and one should attend it to know what it is.

Topics are varied with Day 1 being outer game and Day 2 being inner game topics. He emphasizes the keypoints and most importantly the key principle on why things work in the art of pickup.

Day 2 was probably the better session of the two. All too often we focus on routines, openers, techniques but he places special emphasis on how one's mindset and beliefs should also be developed along with the so-called "pickup structure". The topics on mindset, limiting beliefs, lifestyle development will undoubtedly take your game to great heights if you start applying it.

I especially liked the session with a demo girl where you practice an opener on her while demo girl and St critiques it. I actually found it amusing that I had the holdaper vibe because I had demo girl give me her cellphone but she thought I was persistent that she had to comply. Then Ryu went on a tangent of being persistent with your set and gave out a rule of thumb to only eject after 3 rejections since most women have their bitch shields on. That talk as well as the simulation on demo girl was worth the price of admission alone. I would bet that a bootcamp consisting of nothing but Approaching Demo girls and critiquing is as helpful (but less ego deflating) than going infield.

Another bonus was the guys from the Lair who were guests at the bootcamp, being around people who had their game down was simply awesome than you kind of wish you can absorb all their knowledge and confidence through sheer osmosis.

If I had any complaint is that, the damn bootcamp is two frickin days but then again I live in the South so that is probably why I am reacting negatively to it. The speaker was also late (both times hehe) but then again it allowed the attendees time to bond with fellow newbie and master PUAs so its all good.

If St Seducer has another bootcamp coming up, be there, its worth every centavo.

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