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After taking up seducer x's bootcamp, it was amazing that he got to break down a lot of techniques some of which I even got to use myself. I do have my own objectives about my entering the community something that he stressed a lot during the day 2 about being firm in acheiving those that we want the most and making a lifestyle change internally.

Although I have read a lot of posts on the forum every now and then, It always puzzles me bout how you can see the structure of attraction in field. It really is very different from having a veteran explain it in a classroom setting.. which is a refreshing though as it has a more personal touch (kahit hindi sa classroom ginanap... bootcamp talaga na me mga puno at damo pa hehehe)

He got to discuss X game the fundamentals and the method in itself. Ung natuwa ako ung dun sa X-visual which I have to try sometime... :lol:

He got to discuss a lot of routines which I have been dying to try and figure out which best applies to my personal style. Sensya na X kung la talaga akong bolpen nun pero everything was really value at hardcore talaga. Kaso syempre fucked up ung mga approaches ko ke Kat demo girl namin... hehehe... but everything was all good :cheer: . Some of what we discussed I immediately got to use when we hit decades especially ung group theory na na-explain mo. i got to kiss all the girls which I had in set after getting comfort from all of them even their mamasan which I even got to grind. And man was decades packed.

Highlight of the bootcamp was probably around 5 in the morning at decades when the bodyshot girls arrived. An lulupet talaga. And all eyes were definitely on them. Got to see X in action where he really pulled out all the stops and enthralled everyone in the set. As one of the guys said nga during our debriefing it was like a fucking colliseum coz a lot of elements on the approach was there. I watched closely as he dished out one technique to another. It was calculated. Vicious. X-game delivered with stunning finesse. Galing. Sana mag-post na kc ng FR!

Second day, debriefed about the night before. Wrapped up the discussion of XXX and discussed phone game which impressed me by way of how it was structured. Excited 2loy na ma-field test sa susunod na linggo.

All-in-all, bootcamp was wicked. i digged the scenario. it actually helped with the anxiety and all kaso sayang sana nakapagtry na rin ng daygame total nandun na rin sa greenbelt. Punctuality is still a problem as I saw in the other bootcamp review.. content naman ung habol ko so okey lang. Tapos dapat nagpadala ng bolpen.. hehehe.. Un lng siguro.

That's it. Hope to see you guys out in field. Cheers!

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