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Five principles I live by
1. Seeing is believing
2. Document what you see
3. Read between the lines
4. Do your own homework
5. Focus on the process, not the outcome

As far as this term "PUA" goes, everyone is free to use it as they see fit. If you want to define "PUA" as oobbligidishbligidish, then go for it. If you want to appeal to the banalized use of the term here in Manila--which ranges anywhere from marketer, keyboard Jockey, unsolicited advice givers, or what have you--then do so. My business in the game, Manila is simple: get to a natural level in a place where I a know nobody, so that when I return to SF in October, I can annhiliate targets to devastating effect without being picked out in the crowd as another dorky/creepy wannabe PUA. In case you can't read between the lines, I'll be explicit: in San Francisco, only dorks go into this silly pick up artist business. Frankly it's construed as low value.

I remember one time I was with two HB9 friends of mine and several indie rocker naturals in Pop Scene (closest thing to embassy there). Weird yuppy silicon valley asian dude comes in and goes in overly cocky way "ohhh, your kinda cute for a club girl, but I'm not into that, what else do you do for fun... and don't say clubbing." I later learn that this dude was trying to "neg" my friend. Then he goes... "yeah, I love life, I just graduated from Stanford MBA...blah blah". I later learn that this is a "DHV." My HB9 friend keeps looking at me with this 'get me the fuck out of here' gaze and somehow, PUA wannabe dude notices, goes up to me, and says "that's a funky mustache you got, you remind me of zorro... harharhar." I don't really react and with a smirk, I just say "yeah, it's a blessing." The guy was kinda startled and he rejoins with "so, are you saying that I'm not blessed because I don't have a beard." I'm like "hey, chicks dig it, [now smirking] some are blessed, some are not [with sly smile]. [and I'm just basing this from my experience, when I was a student in the Bay Area, as the liberal bastion of California, chicks love beards]." Well, he dude totally gets paralyzed and is at lost for words. I later learn that what he was really trying to do was "amog" me. How pathetic.

So I'm chilling there with this dancing monkey wannabe PUA (WPUA hereafter) and two HB9 friends, when my natural friends come in with more HBs in their entourage. Of course I introduce my friends. Now all of a sudden, this WPUA dude , because he was already locked in, jumps in and introduces himself to everyone, and goes back to using the same funny tactics (neg --> dhv --> amog). Poor dude, nobody was buying his act [note: this is America, you don't get blown out here rudely and big time ala decades]. After a while, everyone was getting tired, so I bounce to smoke a cig outside. My friend still being barraged by WPUA, gives me that intense "help me" look. I say, "hey Jenny, I'm getting a cig, let's bounce outside." The girl couldn't be happier and proceeds to tell me as we're walking outside how creepy that dude was. This in essence, was PUAdom San Francisco for you, and all before the community exploded in the scene.

Clearly this guy aint a PUA right? Clearly he aint a natural? But the funny thing is that X did something that could quite possible be subsumed under the neg->dhv->amog process (in a superfriendly, giving, and positive way), yet reached radically different results. Everyone, and I mean everyone bought his act. Why? Because X wasn't acting. He wasn't acting like a manipulative prick out to get "laid that night". The guy wasn't thinking "okay, I'll try to get laid, and if I don't I'll write some off the wall lay report, so fellow community dudes can think I'm cool... yes I will be a hero of the community and make big bucks in my next bootcamp." Dude, in all honesty, X was just out there being his natural awesome self having a smashing good time, teasing and playing around with all the beautiful women. The guy was interacting and engaged from a place of abundance and plenitude. So, if anything came out of it, it's just icing on the cake. It's not a privilege for him, but a privilege for the girl to get pulled by him. 'Nuff said.

Now my main issue is: can this be taught? Well it depends. Here's my claim: All PUAs are NATURALS, but not all NATURALS are PUAs. "Natural" refers to a person with an intuitive high level social-seductive skillset that enables him to get laid with most girls of his choosing in any environment, even very challenging ones. A "PUA" is an individual who has the same skillset as the natural but is conscious enough of the process to codify it into a teachable system that helps him spot his weaknesses and fine-tune his skills. Figuratively speaking, whereas a Natural is an astronaut, a PUA is both an astronaut and scientist at the same time. He can theorize what he's doing and explain why it works. From my experience with the community and various gurus here so far, it's ONLY X that has unequivocally, demonstrated that he fits the bill. The guy simply matches the description of PUA and NATURAL. Like I said, prove me wrong. Now I'm a hard guy to impress, as a philosophy major, I wrote my honors thesis on "Heidegger and skepticism of the external world". But when he demonstrated systematically the manner in which he owned fiama that night. I was converted. And because he has a system, it must be teachable.

To my buddy Charm, the first dude I chilled with here in the Manila Lair:
No, it wasn't a bootcamp. I just called him up and said "I need someone to help me out." Met him in a coffee shop, talked about life, my sticking points, etc... and from there, we just went to Fiama and had a smashing good time. Anyways, I'm fairly confident about my skills to know that I can navigate most situations without fear. Of course, if Halle Berry pops in Decades or Fiama one day, I doubt I'll have that much balls! Consequently, thanks to my high self-esteem, I would never take a bootcamp from the locals. I am only willing to learn and submit to those who are demonstrably better at this game than me. And the only one I can be certain of is, is X. Now I'm not tooting my own horn. Remember, I'm outta here by October--I'm not here to make a name for myself, make big bucks, or what have you. Frankly I don't give a fuck. I just want to learn quickly in the most efficient way possible. And having this kind of commitment requires you to be vocal about bullshit, to be able to discern clearly and distincly, fact from fiction. X is the real deal. So at the pain of contradicting myself and swallowing my pride, I may just take his bootcamp if he ever offers another one. Besides, he deserves our value. He is such an awesome and upright individual that he without doubt embodies the expression "value-giver."


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