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Bootcamp with SSX

Day 1

At first I was very skeptical about the bootcamp because I feel that I know alot of things already (The ego is haunting me) but after giving lectures (especially the kino part) and watching SSX game the set with me I got the realization that I needed a bootcamp and it was good cause just by reading the books,watching dvds and other reference materials it cannot match the experience being in the field with him. One of the greatest advantage is that you can actually see the things first hand the true model of gaming on a natural level.

The bootcamp was great and X really pulled me up in his state eventhough I'm sick and somewhat low energy X really pulled the best out of us. I saw a model on how to game at a natural level and I was inpspired in getting better at my game. And I know that I should put atleast a romantic vibe or even sexual vibe to the target because I felt like I was only their friend and not a potential mate but that's what I will learn on day two Smile

Day 2

The second day of our bootcamp is a mind blowing day for realizations for me. This is the part of the bootcamp I had been waiting for and this is the reason for me to take the bootcamp because ......our day 2 is about CLOSING

X teaches us all about sexual tension, sexual escalation, sexual intent, and much much more and after a mind blowing lecture we decided to do a night game at stabucks and meet up with our Approach Instructor(AI) Charlatan

Location: Outside greenbelt Starbucks
Members: SSX, Charlatan, Alphaman, Seed, Master, Slide
We sat up looking for sets. Slide was there to record or approach on tape unfortunately only the approach of master was only tapped cause we runned out of battery. So while waiting for them to approach my brother seed approached a set next to us(I think he will make an more indepth report on it) I tried to wing him but I was still not in the headspace to do it cause I was still absorbing all of the things in the lecture but the approach was great he even get an lay invitation hehe Wink. When I was about to approach X told me to do a Red Sea Approach (opening a set with a focused intent and her friends will be out of the scene like moses tried to separate the red sea).
I was assigned to do it in a set in the corner of the room surrounded by her female friends but when I was about to approach we didn't noticed that there was an AMOG so I turned back....damn so I didn't approach it but X showed me how to do it cause I can really imagine being done

So I just watched outside in the glass window and let X opened them and X immediately talk to the set with the right frame and a pinpoint laser like intent to the target just by looking at his eyes and body language. X did a waypoint and ask the target's number alone then I saw her friends giggle and and the AMOG was literally disarmed and I saw that they had created a bubble and it was separate from her friends bubble who was at that time taking pictures with each other. X number closed them and got right back up with us. At first I couldn't imagine it happening in real life when I first thought of it before I thought it was only science fiction or can only happen on books and imaginations but I was wrong it really shook my sense of reality and made me realize my limiting beliefs and that anything is possible

We went out in the fort area. Seed, Master and me went there took a taxi and went there first cause X got to pickup july. We saw A_P and left master talk with him while me and seed are strolling around looking for set to open.

Location: Fort area in front of pier one
Seed and I saw a two set and tried to opened them
Seed: Hey guys......(I noticed he didn't continue after getting their attention so I said)
Me: I thought you guys where cute we just had to meet you
We introduced ourselves and did a waypoint. I didn't like the set cause they proved me right that they weren't my type (I felt they kinda have the real bitch type even without a bitchshield) so I tried to plow and hypen their state up but I really didn't like them so we ejected.
There we go back at the front of embassy and saw another two set and tried to open them but IDK what happened we just ain't used to wing another cause we can't plow (another realization Smile)

When we met up with X and charlatan we went to fuel bar but the sets wasn't good so X just gave us a lecture regarding his creative, innovative and wonderful moves the X-game, X-move and reverse x-move after that we didn't do an X-game on it because it wasn't worth it.

Fast foward at in front of embassy club...
X saw a 5 or 6 set and asked me to do the Red sea opener again I was hesitant at first but when I decided to do it and do it for real a I was bumped by a foreigner and so I got back in my head and lost my 100% pure confidence so I went back. X decided for my brother to do the red sea opener but he also couldn't do it. After that I had this fury that what ever happened I won't go home without doing that I say in my mind FUCK it I can do it and what's there to lose it was almost 2 o'clock and the bar was about to close And so I did it with the fury inside of me and opened my target being circled around with her friends.
Me: Hey can I get your number?
my target smiled and giggled but coudn't say anything until she look up in her friends
Target: Sorry but we were going to LA soon
Then her friends followed up and said they were leaving soon so I just intoduced myself and got their names. After that i went back to X and told them what happened and damn I didn't notice that was a only a shit test (It's my first time to hear that so next time I won't bite at it again LESSON LEARNED) and then x told me that I didn't pass that shit test because I wasn't 100% sure of my intent (Another realization I could be more persistent if I really want her number another lesson learned)

After that the club is closing and so we went to Metrowalk and had our debriefing and graduation period.

It was a fun,exciting, informative, wonderful bootcamp I did realize a lot of things and learned so much that I think after that I reduced if not destroyed my limiting beliefs and I will try to be as egoless as posible. I had now trust the process and enjoyed every moment of it and now back in the right tract by maximizing my potentials in becoming who I wanted to be.

Overall I recomened on taking a bootcamp really improves your game in a lot of way by having a master of the game watch your moves, your strenghts and weaknesses and focused on improving your game and gives you an constructive feedback and intensive training to improve your game.

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