"I didn't just number-close or kiss-close the girl. That night, I slept with the girl on her own freaking house!" Email

Hurricane's LEGENDARY Boot Camp Experience...

Part 1 of my Review:


Hi, first of all, I would like to state that I attended our local boot camps from the other local companies.

What makes the X Arts Private Boot Camp worth every single centavo I have spent is the EXACT ATTITUDE/VIBE i have learned.

I will get back on that exact attitude/vibe thing.

Well first of all, if you're a PUA who reads and reads and keeps on downloading a shitload of freaking PUA materials out there, WELL YOU WILL NEED TO UNLEARN A LOT OF THINGS.

For me, you don't need those stuff.

Because I also learned on the boot camp that i need to unlearn some stuff i have learned from the past.

On day 1 we talk about a lot of very practical stuff. IF YOU BELIEVE GUYS THAT PICK UP ARTS

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"Did the Boot Camp Help Me? Fuck Yeah!" Email

When I found out that X Arts is doing boot camps, at first, I hesitated to spend my hard-earned money on this because I feel I can do it all by myself. Well, everything happens for a reason so I decided to take the boot camp and did it help me? F*ck yeah!

On day 1 we did a lot of discussion I saw charlatan, X and psy do their thing on the field. All the materials we discuss are very helpful and the assignment were really awesome you can see the difference after doing the assignment. On day 2 we had a fun field exercise in market-market I approach 6 or 8 girls and I interact with them I manage to number close here. After that we went to ascend I manage to open four sets but because I am still a newbie I didn’t know how to do…

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"In a single night, my false beliefs were dispelled... Great investment!" Email

I hit the clubs again this time with the so-called Wolfpack; sounds like a myth!

First day, Ryu asked what I was wearing so he can spot me. Approaching, several meters away, I instantly knew that this was the guy. He keeps that special aura every time we go out. A master of delivery, he can build attraction from any angle, unbelievable energy. Talks to you no nonsense; those topics that feeds me up for what I am morphing myself into. Direct openers may be a bit worn out, but Nomer will stage his material so crafty the target will surely qualify, so as those who watches him, then seduction ensues.. size is helpless haha!

In a single night, my false beliefs were dispelled. These guys are real! A great investment, ain't just a PU, its everything in life..that makes me think I'm a part of something much worthy.…

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"X Arts: The End and The Beginning" Email

Still a working mind if my testimonial be a little bit abstract for now. hehe.


A modern day Socratic method applied into the pickup setting, the X Arts takes you to the very core of the pickup arts: Attitude.

The X Arts deconstructs your previous knowledge and prejudice toward your experience of the game: whether it be self-taught experience, acquired knowledge through the various PUA literature, or advice from PUAs alike. It involves X's own strategies, stereotype methods, bread-and-butter routines; but are treated more as leverage to your game, rather than as a manual to abide with. These are incorporated and reconstructed congruent to your personality. X's method of question-lecture-field test combined with his endless amount of energy, creates an infectious euphoria that leaves you with the impression that what the X Arts is teaching is very personal and real. The lessons are not static, but more dynamic and…

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"X Arts is about Separating the Boys from the Men" Email

Day 1 was just last Sept. 21 at MOA and a Bar in Makati (I forgot the name sorry)

Note: Writing is my Kryptonite, so pag may mali pasensya na. =)

I'm a complete newbie in this things, but I want to change so I joined the bootcamp. I was reading the other boot camp reviews, and I can say we have the same similar experience, so I will just post the top 5 memorable moments during the 1st day of the boot camp.

1. It's like a buy 1 boot camp, take 1 boot camp. I was very lucky to have 3 instructors during the boot camp (X, Charlatan and July).

2. Rather than giving you a script, they will tell you the principles/elements of the Game, so you can make your own game. Like what Ryu said: "Exceed our Game."

3. Trust your instructor, if they say "open a set", that means that set is within your league. That's why even if I'm nervous, I approach and open, no questions asked. Just go do it (actually, I ask a question, regarding what opener i should use).

- There is this one time, Ryu gave me his cellphone, then told me to immediatelly get the number of the chick behind me. I trust them, so off I go to give the cellphone to her... she immediately gave her number.…

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