"Anyone who has the Unique Opportunity to Learn what Ryu has to Offer has to Grab it with Both Hands!" Email

"Ryu X shared a ton of great tips on the call I did with him for Asian Dating Superstars. His impressive knowledge of seduction really shone through and his passion for the topic was very impactful. Ultimately, anyone who has the unique opportunity to learn what Ryu X has to offer should grab at it with both hands. His generous sharing and specialized strategies means you are in good hands under his guidance."

- Ryker Koh, Creator of Asian Dating Superstars

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"The best seminar I've been to in years!" Email

The best seminar I've been into in years. Props to Smooth, Nomer, July, Lia and X - they all earned the right to host and speak their topic. The room was filled with "Bro-vibe".

My one single objective why I went to the summit was to see the people behind X-arts and meet the forumers in the flesh. I coined it "PUA- Demystification Day". But I got more than what I bargained , the longer I was seated on my seat, my mind auto-calibrate and like a muscle after a workout my mind absorbed all the infos, - they were GOLD!!!

Nobody enjoys reading a very long post so I'll do it part by part.
First, I will review Ryu's " X Arts Frame".

I cant help it but to take notes, the man was speaking with such conviction, with authority and what he's saying were all GOLD, actually "Platinum".…

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"Truly one of the best seminars I've ever attended" Email

As what other members said, it was truly one of the best seminars ived also attended, though its quit expensive because of the fare and other expenses, but its worthy than buying a new dress or phone, because the experiences that we had was remarkable.

During the summit few of my expectations are met, the topics that had been discussed by the speakers are enlightening to the fact that many of us don’t know the correct structure/frame of the game.

SMOOTH imparted some of the important factors that we need to learn in order to amplify the game. Correct body language, learning to spot the IOI’s and escalating to Seduction phase.

JULY also shares her taught about how to handle women during dates, though in my own perspective some part contradicts my belief, but the rest are good point of views that surely it could help and increases the Value of Men.

CHARLATAN exposed his magic tricks using it as his gambit in-order to increase the level of attraction. His KISS-Close gambit was marvelous, that’s why I put it into record cause ima try to use it, and see the effect.

SSX the Triad structure was brilliant S.V.A X Arts Frame. But the best part of the discussion is about the legalities. It was an eye opener for everyone to refrain from applying the game incorrectly, because you might be put in Jail. hehehehe…

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"Lots of good stuff" Email

1. Lots of good stuff from Smooth:
- Newbie Drill, don't be picky. Open all sets whether the girl is beautiful or not. And even if they are old or young. Open even guys.
- DHV "Oh really?! You have the same name as my ex!" LOL
- Misinterpretation (Like she's the one hitting on you)
- Retard stories (sparingly used, this one is GOLD)
- Funny magic (Haha, this one's cool. I could even ask for a kiss here...)

2. July on Dating Etiquette:
- I basically agree with all her tips. I do agree that if you view a girl as mere pleasure, they will view you the same way too. The way i picture myself is as a gentleman PUA (Maginoo pero medyo bastos) hehe...Leave them better than when you found them, right guys?!

3. Ryu's PUA vs. X-arts frame nad Laws regarding Seduction
- Triad of success is true and…

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"I got everything I wished for.." Email

I missed the afterparty . . too bad . I was a bit underdressed. There's always a next time, right?

now for the review . . .

I got everything I wished for . . learned a lot, met new friends, put a face to the names, experienced what it felt to be with the community, and it was good.

I met X, Smooth, and Charlatan . . . masters of their own crafts. The best in the business.

The thing that struck me most in this summit was its effect on my views on the rules of PU. I used to follow some PUA rules to the letter, but through X's lecture, I was freed. The rules were now mere guidlines and if the best can break it, why cant I?

I just wished we could have started earlier so we could have covered some more. But all-in-all it was a great experience for me.
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