"Show me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
 - Benjamin Franklin

Does AttraXion Arts Really Work?

Of course! Without a doubt. We have professionally designed the best method of teaching the art of courtship, dating, attraction and seduction in Asia. 

Since 2006, we have been putting together all our time and effort into X Arts. Furthermore, our system is a product of combination of all the great systems in the world. 

It covers areas of dating, women, social mastery, charm, and seduction. Once you have hold of our programs, you will definitely transform into the ultimate ladies’ man. X has been teaching his methods since 2006, and every single client he has worked with has become successful in the love aspect of his life.

What X Arts Teaches
  • The Art of Charm, Attraction, Connection and Seduction
  • How to be the Man that Women are Attracted to
  • Building an Improved, Abundant and Great Lifestyle
  • How to have more Power and Choice in Dating
  • How to meet more Beautiful Women
  • How to Improve Social and Communication Skills
  • How to Develop Self-confidence and have an Awesome Attitude
  • How to Develop Important and Necessary Seduction Skills
  • Apply these Skills in any Area and Aspect of your Life

What Services Does X Arts Offer?
We have different programs and packages, and had left it best for you to decide which program you feel is the most applicable and necessary for you. We offer:

  • Private Bootcamps/Personalized Live Coaching
  • Seminars
  • Phone Coaching/Live Online Training Program (Skype or Yahoo Messenger)
Our programs are structured so that even if you’ve never experienced approaching a women in your entire life, you will feel totally at ease and comfortable doing so for the first time.

You can select the one you are interested in, and read all information we are offering about the course of the product.But if you want a complete program, we suggest you go for the private bootcamp, or personalized coaching.

*** For reservations or for how to avail of our services, please CONTACT US HERE ***

Private Bootcamps

  • In-field Coaching + Lecture
  • 1 on 1 - 1 on 3 (Lead Instructor to Client Ratio)
  • 2 days and 2 nights, at least 8 - 10 hours each, with breaks in-between
  • Price: $ 250 / P 12,000 per head (Special Discount for every person you bring along to the bootcamp with you)
Let’s get straight to the point. The goal of this program can be summarized in this 1 simple sentence: Get you to gain exponential and significant amounts of experience in just 2 or 3 days, and have you become massively better with women, in no time. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are on (novice or advanced). You walk in on the 1st day of the bootcamp, and walk out on the 3rd day with tremendous gains and a remarkable difference.
What is a Private Bootcamp?

A private bootcamp, otherwise known as personalized coaching, is where you, the client, is accompanied by an X Arts Master Instructor and another X Arts Instructor, in the field, and you get live, personal coaching while making social interactions with women. It involves a little bit of lecture, but the focus is more on the application of the different principles, and mindset that the X Arts Instructors will teach you in the lecture.

We take you out into the field, in the malls, in the cafes, restaurants, on the streets, and in the clubs to demonstrate how to meet, interact, charm and seduce women right in front of you. We will act as your personal wingmen, and interact with women together.

We will show you how to do it step by step (what to say, how to say it, delivery of lines, execution, correct posture and body language, rules, creating sexual tension, etc.), and in the process, we will coach you, step by step, on the process of attraction and seduction.

We work with your personal needs, and give you live and potent feedback that you need to get this area mastered. We give you all the tools that you need, to master the art of pick up, attraction, and seduction.

Simply put, there is absolutely no better way to learn this stuff. This is the ultimate program of X Arts. We’ve spent the last years building, tweaking, modifying, revamping, and improving our bootcamps. It is absolutely the most successful program for achieving success with women. 

Why take a private bootcamp? What are the benefits of going through a private bootcamp?

“At first I was very skeptical about the bootcamp because I feel that I know alot of things already (The ego is haunting me) but after giving lectures (especially the kino part) and watching SSX game the set with me I got the realization that I needed a bootcamp and it was good cause just by reading the books,watching dvds and other reference materials it cannot match the experience being in the field with him.

One of the greatest advantage is that you can actually see the things first hand the true model of gaming on a natural level. Sitting at home, trying to learn how to be successful with women, or be an attractive ladies’ man; by reading from a book, or listening to a tape, would take you nowhere.”
-  Alphaman

Have you ever really thought about how much time you will waste in listening countlessly to audiotapes, dvd’s, and reading from books?

Picture this simple analogy… if you ever want to learn how to drive a car, would you ever learn how to do that if you read books on how to drive? Would you ever learn to drive by sitting in a classroom, and then listening to a driving instructor how it’s done? NO FUCKING WAY! You will only learn how to drive if you yourself are in the driver’s seat and operating the car itself LIVE, while your driving instructor gives you live feedback and on-the-spot coaching.

So as regards the art of attraction and seduction, the private bootcamp is the perfect time to hard-wire all that seduction principles, theory and techniques that you have learned. We’re familiar with all the theory and principles that you have read, and we will integrate what you have learned LIVE in the field. We will not only explain, but DEMONSTRATE, and lead you to the right path until you have INTERNALIZED and INTEGRATED all those principles, theories and techniques, RIGHT INTO YOUR ATTITUDE. THIS IS A HANDS-ON LIVE TRAINING PROGRAM, PERSONALIZED TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS! Seduction, would soon be as natural as breathing.

“It is a fun and learning experience. Having the pick up knowledge from books and other sources is not enough, and this bootcamp helps you apply them in-field.” 

The best investment you will ever make in your life, is investing in yourself. Nothing can go wrong with investing in yourself. And in doing so, make sure you invest in the right programs. We offer exactly just that.

Why is the bootcamp the best program? Can’t we learn all these seduction principles at home, by reading them from various books and listening to different audio tapes?

“The adventure was awesome I found a lot of things that I wasn't aware of. Its really different on the field when you have guru with you. You will learn to improve yourself and improve your game. The adventure was really wicked from start to finished. I never experience things like this when I was only sarging alone. This is one of my best decision yet. And that day was... Legendary.”

- Seed

This is too basic to be ignored. The reason that most guys don’t learn this stuff no matter how much theory, principles, and techniques they read and absorb is because it isn’t “hard-wired.”

In martial arts, as well as any arts for that matter; it isn’t unusual that a black belt will train to become a master fighter in the combat gym, but when confronted live out there in the real world, he winds up standing there just like a statue, getting blanked out with clobbered.


What it means is that we’re most likely to remember the things that we learned while being in the same state that we’re in while we’re trying to access them.

So if we learn how to meet women while sitting at home, then we would have a hard time recalling that information when we’re out there in the field. That’s because sitting at home, we’re in a totally different emotional state than we’re in when we’re out in the field. Sitting at home, it’s only “soft-wired.”

Application is the only real thing in the field. It’s a fortunate thing that we have the best system suited to coach you while in the field, walking you through the process by application, so that it would be “hard-wired” into you. It’s not only the system, but you will “feel” the experience that the X Arts Instructors had over many years in their lives.

What are the other Free Stuff included in attending a bootcamp?

It includes:

  • Free membership in the X Arts Wolfpack Crew (discretionary upon the Alpha Wolves)
  • Live support conference and follow-up every Sunday
  • Unlimited sit-ins on every upcoming private bootcamp
  • Unlimited access to all seduction-related resources
  • Free X Arts Video Seminar
  • Free entrance to any club in Metro Manila

P.S. Bootcamp Payments are now available in weekly installments. Please inquire with Ryu for more details.

*** For reservations or for how to join a private bootcamp, please CONTACT US HERE ***


  • Lecture + Workshop Activities
  • Minimum of 3 seats
  • 1 day – 6 hours, with breaks in-between
  • Price: $ 80 / P 4,000 per head


We conduct seminars from time to time.

These are usually announced, on our own initiative, or through a specific request that any client/s would suggest; so just keep yourself posted on the site to be updated about upcoming seminar schedules.


What is a seminar?

A seminar is a way to focus and specialize on a specific subject/s or topic/s, and discuss it extensively. Mastery of the subject/s is the goal here.

Topics or subjects can include anywhere from:

  • Mastering your Aura and Vibe
  • Body Language
  • Facial Language
  • Mindset of a Seducer
  • Heartful Seduction
  • Conversational Jiu-jitsu
  • The Art of the Approach
  • 3 Fundamental Aspects of Seduction
  • Lifestyle Development: Building an Attractive Lifestyle

“I especially liked the session with a demo girl where you practice an opener on her while demo girl and St critiques it. I actually found it amusing that I had the robber vibe because I had demo girl give me her cellphone but she thought I was persistent that she had to comply. Then Ryu went on a tangent of being persistent with your set and gave out a rule of thumb to only eject after 3 rejections since most women have their bitch shields on. That talk as well as the simulation on demo girl was worth the price of admission alone. I would bet that a seminar consisting of nothing but Approaching Demo girls and critiquing is as helpful (but less ego deflating) than going infield” - Myth

The seminar consists in part lecture, part demonstration and interaction, and exercises to help integrate unto your attitude; and engrain into your mind, the particular subject being discussed.


*** For reservations or for how to join an X Arts Seminar, please CONTACT US HERE ***

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Phone Coaching/Online LiveTraining Program

  • Online Coaching + Lecture
  • 1 on 1 – 1 on 4 (Instructor to Client Ratio)
  • Minimum of 3 hours
  • Price: $ 20 / P 1000 per head per hour

We also offer live online training program through Skype or Yahoo Messenger.

Through this, you get personalized help in the area of attraction, seduction and building an attractive lifestyle, through live feedback. There are lots of gold to be found in this program. By talking to a Live X Arts Instructor IN PRIVATE AND EXCLUSIVE, you get specialized advice and personalized coaching, which you could apply next time you’re out in the field. We will be sure to address your concerns in this program.


*** For reservations or for how to avail of our phone coaching service, please CONTACT US HERE ***

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Contact Us

For further inquiries, you can proceed to contact us through the following means:

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Or contact:

Ryu X - X Arts Founder and Master Instructor

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  • (02) 218-6830
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