Who We are

"Don't Play the Game... Be the Game."

"Fear Nothing" - 50th Law

Ryu X - Lead Instructor

Master of Natural Game and Inner Game

- Professional Lead Date Coach by Lifestyle
- Licensed Practicing Lawyer by Profession
- Athlete by Hobby

Ryu X, or X for short, X is the founder of X Arts (AttraXion Arts) and is revered as the best dating and lifestyle seduction coach in Asia.

X is the master of the natural direct game, as well as enhancing your inner game, focusing on almost no routines, no structure and just having an awesome vibe and attitude - perfect for beginners and especially for advanced and experienced guys.

X has been teaching dating and lifestyle seduction skills since 2006, and has successfully trained some of the best seducers in the country.

What clients say about X:

"From my experience with the community and various gurus here so far, it's ONLY X that has unequivocally, demonstrated that he fits the bill. The guy simply matches the description of PUA and NATURAL. Like I said, prove me wrong. Now I'm a hard guy to impress, as a philosophy major, I wrote my honors thesis on "Heidegger and skepticism of the external world". But when he demonstrated systematically the manner in which he owned fiama that night. I was converted. And because he has a system, it must be teachable." - Wadahoo



"If you really want to meet the girl for you, don't treat her just like a SEX OBJECT... Coz if you do, she'll see you just the same way, nothing more.

Unless you just want cheap pleasure."

July - Professional Female Instructor/Wingwoman

July is the gorgeous diva of X Arts. She used to be a professional model and events organizer before X Arts was officially introduced.

After years of being with the seduction community, July had gone beyond understanding the emotions of men in the area of love and relationship, thus, she can easily emphatize with males and think like them.

Having mastered the skills in promoting and socializing with different types of people, especially fellow women, she specializes in natural attraction and creating that "spark" with you and the target.

Being a woman herself, she can easily detect subtleties in your game, which is useful in knowing whether your target is attracted to you, or if you still need to work on your interaction, aside from exposing the female perspective. Plus, you can be a pin-up with the least effort especially on the dance floor, just by being around her.

It would be helpful to understand how a woman thinks, don't you think?

"If you really want to meet the girl for you, don't treat her just like a SEX OBJECT... Coz if you do, she'll see you just the same way, nothing more.

Unless you just want cheap pleasure."


"Let me read your mind if you don't mind..."

"Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent. Practice AND calibration makes perfect."

Nomer - the "Mind Master"

Instructor Emeritus

Nomer, also known as "Charlatan" in the Seduction Community, is a well-known Magician and is one of the leading Mentalists in the country.

He has been featured several times in television, and is the star of the mind-boggling, primetime show in GMA, MindMaster.

As a natural magician/mentalist, he uses his magic skills and mentalism feats, as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Psychology, Body Language Awareness, Helstroism, Hypnosis, and other simliar techniques not normally available to the public to charm his way to women.

Nomer is very much adept in day game and day 2 strategies. Women will always describe the "Charlatan" experience like a box of chocolates - that the Charlatan is always full of surprises, and women dig him for that.





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